Operation Desperate Norm is over: Franken FTW

It’s pretty much over (finally). The Minnesota Supreme Court has just ruled in Al Franken’s favor. Operation Desperate Norm (damn, did I ever coin that term way too late) has bitten the dust.

MORE: Here’s coverage from the Star Tribune.

UPDATE: Coleman concedes.

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Al Franken is a Senator.  That fucking rocks. Now it’s time to get TBogg elected.

Finally, this is over.  And the NYTimes is reporting that Pawlenty said yesterday he is ready to sign the certification as soon as the court ruled.  This is definitely a game changer in the upcoming battles on energy and health care.

Has the Governor signed it and has Harry Reid actually agreed to seat him?

He’s good enough. He’s smart enough. And gosh darn it! People like him!

Woo Fucking Hoo! Go get ‘em, Al! And I hope Pawlenty is smart enough not to hang the giant albatross o’ fail known as Norm Coleman around his neck any longer.

Any bets on how far into meltdown mode some of the PUMAs will be at this news? (Though again—why they decided Al Franken was a raging misogynist is still a mystery.)

Any bets on how far into meltdown mode some of the PUMAs will be at this news?

I think it was only the dimwits over at PITY PAC who hated him, primarily icepick.

The cynic in me says Pawlenty will delay until after the Senate votes on the healthcare bill.

Oblomova, I believe the big Frankenhater was the Big Frankenhater, if you catch my drift.

The PUMAs didn’t go there with her, beyond letting her pen her girlish mutilation fantasies in her childish scrawl for a very long while.

Her Hello Kitty diary style just told you that she dotted the “i” in “penis” with a frownie face.

Oh, I don’t know Mrs. Polly.

Kevin, I see!

Now I remember: the big Frankenhater started in on him early, but when it was revealed he had written for consummately evil PLAYBOY, (porn!) his number was up with the rest of them, pretty much.

Yes, this angers my enemies. It’s like electing Letterman.

This is a good day.

Yes, this angers my enemies. It’s like electing Letterman.

You have no idea how much a shit-eating grin that put on my face.

Can’t wait to watch the breitbots at Big Hollywood have a freak-out when Franken gets seated.

Via Balloon Juice, Pawlenty says he’d sign and Norm has finally stopped wailing long enough to concede.

Please update your list of dirty traitor commies to include the MN Supremes and Gov. Pawlenty. Add Norm Coleman to the martyr’s list.

Was anyone else pleased to see that Franni Franken isn’t the standard-issue Senate trophy wife?

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