Operation Guess Who

Hey, whatcha havin’ for breakfast? Ooh, an omelette, sounds delish. I’ve heard that making one of those requires certain sacrifices that could be considered controversial, so count yourself lucky that chickens haven’t established a religious organization that wields political sway out of accordance with its role in a pluralistic society, else you’d have to settle for a bowl of Chex.

Anyway, just thought you might be interested to know that the Washington Post is concern-trolling pro-choicers in its Opinions section—oh, I’m terribly sorry, I should’ve warned you there was a shocking revelation on the way, now I’ve gone and made you spit-take grapefruit juice all over your iPad—and you might be surprised whose byline it falls under!

You can check it out if you want, but it’ll probably just ruin your morning. It’s the standard pundit-wank about balancing secular interests and religious teachings by a guy operating under the assumption that the Catholic Church, as an institution, acts and argues in good faith.

Ah, hell, his column might make sense taken as a whole, I wouldn’t know. I had to pull out before finishing.

above: should’ve put on goggles on before clicking through

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Didn’t ruin my morning. 
I just figure when it comes time to vote 9 months from now, not many people will be in the booth thinking about an EJ Dionne column. 
Catholics who are anti-Obama think he’s a child-murdering socialist anyway, I don’t think “progressive” Catholics will lose much sleep about this either way, unless those Catholics are named “EJ Dionne”.

I think the Church’s leaders had a right to ask for broader relief from a contraception mandate that would require it to act against its own teachings.

Obama is a Protestant, not a Catholic, so historically it should be the Catholic priests whose heretical heads line the streets.

Just sayin’

Well, he’s searching for a fair-minded, tolerant compromise, so I guess he deserves a fair-minded tolerant response.  Mr. Dionne, why don’t you and the Church hierarchy fill some condoms with broken glass and shove them up your collective asses?

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