Orlando vandals go on anti-Obama spree

From Local 6:

Vandals spray-painted “Obama Smokes Crack” and other hate messages on 60 city vehicles parked across the street from City Hall in downtown Orlando.

Investigators said the vandals painted the messages—which appear to be politically motivated—after dark Saturday night.

Local 6 showed several vehicles covered in different colors with the “Obama” messages.

A passing motorist initially spotted the damage and called police.

“I’m driving by and every car I see has been hit with spray paint,” witness Mike Lowe said. “There is so much damage to them. There are messages written on them and the vandals left their business card, which is crazy.”

Special business cards left near the damaged vehicles contained negative messages about Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain. However, there were positive words about Sen. Hillary Clinton, Local 6’s Kimberly Houk reported.

No, I don’t know what to make of this, nor do I think it’s reasonable to assess blame yet, but it sure is curious.

(Thanks for the tip Robbie and good luck with the blogging break)

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Some drunk kids, a few cans of spray paint, and a trip to nodarkies later…

How long does it take to fly to Miami from New Hampshire/


I think Obama supporters are more obsessed with smearing Hillary than promoting the “good” qualities of their candidate.


Oh please, mjno, go look at every web site that’s listed at justsaynodeal.com.  They’re all nothing but anti-Obama smear sites. You’ll find very posts praising Hillary (aside from vapid side grahpics mixed in with links to great liberals sites like hannity.com). The only thing were obsessed about these days is exposing PUMAs. Bugger off. You guys stopped supporting Hillary a long time ago.

Nice to see my town represent.

I noticed these PUMAtards misspelled Obama as Oboma.  For jebus’ sake, if you’re going to insult someone the least you can do is spell their name right.

I weep for my city

You’re right to say it is too soon to assign blame. But, we can start with a few general assumptions. For example, it’s a safe bet that the perps have no lives and their parents yelled at them for staying out so late.

“I don’t care how old you are young man. So long as you live in my house, you’ll follow my rules!”

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