Oscar Night Open Thread

Because Hollywood isn’t just an assembly-line operation.

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Colin Firth ~ yum!

Kirk Douglas has a capacity for cruelty that I never suspected! Helena Bonham-Carter was impressed, and she’s married to the man who gave us Johnny Depp in an Anna Wintour costume.

If anyone’s having a problem scrolling through all these comments, let me know and I’ll start a fresh thread.

Aaron Sorkin’s tribute to himself via Paddy Chayevsky certainly brings a tear to the nose. The Social Network is 50% exactly like Network! Somehow.

It’s the nesting that’s so confusing!

I never knew who James Franco was, and now I don’t know who he is in Marilyn Monroe drag.

I suppose it’s fitting that the year of the Social Network should be the year that Christian Bale uses his acceptance speech to plug a website.

The Academy has just married a Network. Paddy Chayevsky is watching from heaven!

I only get one shot all evening of my imaginary husband John Hawkes. That’s fine—I can make do with Firth. Also, Melissa Leo? Stop. Just stop. I want to like you based on your work, but every time you open your mouth at an awards show I want to stuff a sock in it.

Oh, and in addition to Firth, I am watching to see who they leave out of the Dead People Montage.

This whole ceremony is a thinly-disguised cry for help.

Strange, I think they just all are so downhearted about the Sheen Situation that it’s hard to get in the spirit.

Leading off with a beloved stroke-victim probably didn’t help.

Be comforted, Oblomova; the best supporting actress oscar usually leads to overintense scrutiny, increased expectations, fatal ego-inflation, and ultimate career destruction. She’ll be doing local discount sofabed commercials in a year.

Bob Hope doesn’t look bad for a man in a giant holographic pickle jar.

I haven’t seen such epic fail since PUMA 2008.

Needs more Ricky Gervais.

Who’s hosting this? I assume it isn’t someone watch-worthy (like Ricky Gervais) who would bring some edge and anticipation for the TV audience, Roman Coliseum style.

You guys are very funny, in a mean-scary way. If I’m ever in any of the towns where you reside, for my own safety I’m gonna avoid dark alleys and discussion salons.


In the future, everyone will watch the Oscars for 15 minutes.

So 127 Hours isn’t a documentary about the Oscars?

That entire fucking broadcast, with the exception of Colin Firth’s speech and the charming dude with the Juan Epstein hair who won for short-subject, should have come with a ginormous trigger warning.

I watched on DVR, had a half hour pad at the end, and STILL missed the best picture award.  I did watch the whole damn thing in less than two hours, though.  So, there is that.

I watched on DVR

Cool. Play it backwards and you’ve got two hours of people spitting drinks into their glasses, regurgitating food, and returning their awards.

Having Jennifer Hudson introduce Gwyneth Paltrow to sing a song is like having Fred Astaire polish Tom DeLay’s tap shoes.

Well, perhaps not that bad. But it ought not to have happened, nonetheless.

spitting drinks into their glasses, regurgitating food,

People don’t eat at the Oscars—that’s the Golden Globes. But it could be NY Fashion Week!

Play the Oscars backwards, and people will anticipate punchlines. Of course, that happens when they’re played forwards, too.

Having Jennifer Hudson introduce Gwyneth Paltrow to sing a song is like having Fred Astaire polish Tom DeLay’s tap shoes.

OMG,I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking that.  Not to mention listening to Gwyneth (and yes, I think she’s adorable and Blythe’s daughter and all that and can sorta sing) but ... whuuut?

But, Yaaayyy, The King’s Speech pulled it out with Best Pic!!  Way to go!!  I really did enjoy that movie and, since I almost never watch movies, I feel totally vindicated.

I missed the Oscars, but I second Mar’s enthusiasm for The King’s Speech. Not sure how historically accurate it was, but it was an enjoyable movie.

It’s official. Roger Ebert called it “The worst Oscarcast I’ve ever seen,” and “Dead. In. The. Water.”

Since the best lines came from holo-pickle Bob Hope, who can disagree?

I forgot the dang thing was on until the last minute so I missed the best part - the parade of gowns on the red carpet - but I was wondering what what up with the weird pseudo-futuristic stuff on everyone from Hathaway (the shiny blue dress looked like Erin Grey’s bodysuit in Buck Rogers!) to (sadly) Cate Blanchett.

Truthfully, I don’t get what all the hate is about; it’s the Oscars, another silly award show. It’s gonna be stupid, no matter who hosts. I thought the opening bit was cute, especially the line about Baldwin always likes Morgan Freeman to narrate his dreams. Nowhere near as funny as Jack Black’s LOTR skit, but passable.

Certainly, no one here hates the Oscars. It is, however, our duty to disparage bourgeoisie entertainments that glamorize wealth, escapism and decadent, counter-revolutionary sexual stereotypes.

Also, we must vigorously and righteously protest any awards ceremony that looks like it was shot in Dr. Phibes’ rec room.

Twinky, this Oscarcast was beyond stupid; it was flat. There was absolutely no sparkle, besides that in Anne Hathaway’s enormous doe eyes. And her fabulous disposable metallic Saran-Wrapping.

That includes the necks of the ladies, which were almost universally bare. The Exalted Stylists seem to have decreed that each star should cast enough light in and of herself this year, so aside from arty earrings, no diamond lavalieres, no blinding bracelets, nothing!

Therefore, we didn’t have even the distraction of shiny things. One of the shallow but distinct pleasures of the Oscars is the glitter of genuine, impossibly flawless, life-mockingly expensive diamonds hit by gigantic kleig lights.

entertainments that glamorize wealth, escapism and decadent, counter-revolutionary sexual stereotypes.

And the least those entertainments can do is give us some glamorized wealth, escapism and etc. to disparage!

@YAFB, snicker/snort.

@Strange, speak for yourself.  I hate the Oscars.  Then again, I hate movies, so that may be why.  However, based on the clips I saw from the Oscars, I will be watching The King’s Speech, and that has never happened before.

Not sure how historically accurate it was, but it was an enjoyable movie. 

Actually I think it was pretty accurate.  I read that Logue’s grandson gave the writer Logue’s diaries and therapy records which he had in his attic.  I’m sure a few scenes were trumped up but overall I think they stuck pretty close to the real story.

I hate the Oscars.

Thanks for backing me up there, Trotsky.

@marindenver—I saw an extended segment about that on some network news or entertainment program. The diaries and letters apparently helped clarify the personal relationship between the King and his therapist, but Logue seems to have written very little about his theory and techniques. The actors confessed that they improvised most of the “treatment” scenes based on elocution and relaxation exercises they’d learned in Drama class.

All in all, though, I’m sure it was probably more historically accurate than The Elephant Man, which nonetheless captured the truthy essence or events that were either undocumented, or documented only in Dr. Treves’ possibly self-serving and suspect published account.

In preparation for the show, I rented The Kids Are All Right to see what all the hoopla was about. WTF- Annette Benning was nominated for that?

Oh, and the show sucked.

I’m glad I got to see Dale Dickey and John Hawkes from Winter’s Bone (my favorite film—haven’t seen The King’s Speech yet) make their very gracious acceptance speeches on the Independent Spirit Awards.

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