Oscar Picks 2008

If there’s anything I’m more obsessed about than US politics or UConn basketball, it’s Academy Award picks because I am reliably SO FUCKING GOOD at picking the winners (I’m loathed at a regular Oscar party with betting that I attend annually).  It looks like I may have some bloggy competition going with my pal Pale Dave in that category (good cripes, he knows way too much about the costume design category) .  Dave, consider this a challenge.  It’s you and me, mano y mano before February 24th. Let’s do this.

UPDATE (2/23/08): My final Oscar picks are here.

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You’re on.  Since I didn’t pick a supporting actress then, I’ll take the brat from Atonement for the win.  Pick whatever categories you feel like.  The winner gets to….

I don’t know if you saw it, but you should check out “Eastern Promises”. I just did; I was pretty impressed. Massive violence WITH a really good story. Hmmm…

Dave, we’ll have to figure out a good wager.  I guess maybe we should go head-to-head a few days before the big day.  Don’t want to do it this early.  I still have a few films to see (like Eastern Promises, which is sitting on my coffee table right now).

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