Other Things That Frighten Bob Woodward


Now that we know WaPo reporter Bob Woodward craps his pants when someone tells him “as a friend” that he’ll regret making a fool of himself by publicly staking out an untenable interpretation of political strategy, it would be irresponsible not to speculate on what other scary things cause his bowels to freeze with terror.


The thing that gets me is that, even when Woodward was playing the Fearless Muckraker Who Cannot Be Intimidated on CNN and other outlets, he had to know he had self-refuted the Mafia-toned interpretation he lent to Sperling’s email.


As the presumed author of the email response to Sperling’s “threat,” Woodward knew he had put his actual, wholly benign interpretation of the exchange in writing. He knew the man he accused on TV of issuing threats like a Chicago mobster had it within his power to release the whole email exchange and vaporize whatever point Woodward was trying to make—and make Woodward look like a squealing candy-ass into the bargain.


Excepting the Not-So-Breitbarts, even the wingnuts who originally seized on Woodward’s accusation as validation of their Gangsta Obama meme realized they’d been had when the entire exchange was released. That facts were able to penetrate their fact-repellent bubble indicates the scale of Woodward’s cock-up.


I’m not sure what Woodward was thinking. It’s clear he has an enormous ego and operates within a media and political sphere legendary for cathedral-sized self-regard, but even taking that into account, Woodward’s TV tour was remarkably dumb and self-destructive.

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I dunno, Betty, that center kitten has a malicious look in its eye, and is obviously crouched to attack.


Woodward’s ego is writing checks his fading mental acuity can no longer cash.

Apparently now Sperling was code speaking.  What he really meant was “you better watch out”.  Also, too the thugs in Obama’s White House are the worse evah.

Somebody really needs to tell Woodward that when you’re in a hole, you should seriously think about not digging anymore.

@Marindenver—It reminds me of that uber-creepy Xmas carol—“You better watch out…” Utterly chilling!

Woodward’s TV tour was remarkably dumb and self-destructive.

But did it sell books?  That was the point after all.  Somehow these outrages always seem to happen when he has a new book to sell.  Someone on the internet called him the opening act for Ann Coulter on Hannity.  I think that’s about right.

How soon before Woodward and McCain are squabbling over a pudding cup in “the home”?

More “other things that frighten Bob Woodward”:


Being found out

The grave

Lack of access

The pointing, no, the laughing, no, definitely the pointing

That feeling you get when you’re about to light the pilot that went out on the range that you’ll totally just blow the whole f*cking house up

You know the stuff in the drain after you’ve rinsed out a bowl of vegetable soup—it’s kind of cold and squishy and sticks to the drain and you might have to touch it? That stuff, and you know it’s irrational because you were considering it food just minutes ago when it was in the bowl and warm, but when it’s swirling around in your kitchen sink it’s just totally gross. Woodward, I totally feel you on that one.

I dunno—that cottage cheese does kind of look like a mushroom cloud.

@B4 thanks a WHOLE lot for a zombie image that will haunt me for days.  BTW when did Bob stop looking like Robert Redford and start looking like Nixon?

Great stuff.

He became what he is.

How many words could a Woodward word if a Woodward could word words?

A Woodward would word all the words he would word if a Woodward words words words.  *honk*

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