Otherwise, the Campaign is Just Going Swimmingly

This is more of my expired equine abuse, obviously, but don’t you suppose Mitt Romney should be at least a little concerned about having Donald Trump for a surrogate?

Especially when he says things like that?  And should Romney be at least a little concerned about getting overshadowed

even if he wasn’t concerned about whether this is yet another way his honesty might be called into question?

Of course, as Romney made clear today by releasing his warranty and registration cards Certificate of Live Birth (what, no long form?)--

He’s at least 100% Made in Amercia.

Say wha—?

Yeah, Amercia. Mitt recommends shaking your iPhone upside-down for a bit and that should sort itself out.

So that was Mitt’s day—how’s yours?

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I’m really beginning to think that Mitt Wit WANTS to lose the election . . . and who could blame him? it’s becoming manifestly clear to hundreds of thousands of people that he just isn’t up to the job . . . maybe it’s becoming clear to him, too.

Bette, from your fingertips to the FSM’s ears-on-noodly-appendages, please let it be so.  I’m not ready to see my country ‘right-sized’ by a Rmoney/Bain administration.

Used to be they could at least campaign, even if they couldn’t govern for shit. Now they can’t even campaign.

I suspect Mitt really believes all he has to say is “It’s our turn.”

Excellent example I just found right here in the “AdChoices:”

Ann Romney
Stand with Mitt’s better half. Donate to the campaign today.

“Better half?” Is it still 195X?

“Vote for Ann’s worse half” didn’t make it through the focus groups.

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