“Our Girls”—A Tribute to Palin, Coulter, Ingraham & Malkin by Unhyphenated American Lloyd Marcus

I’ve brought you plenty of mind-numbingly awful music videos over the last couple of years and I’ve introduced a few of them as “the worst song ever.”

I was wrong.

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I’m really confused how they interpret “mock their ignorance” as “quake with fear.”

Nope, nope nope. There’s no way in hell I’m clicking on that link this close to bed time. The still shot alone tells me the vid contains a bald eagle sitting on a nest of chicks and the chicks are Palin &c.

My dreams are odd enough without any help from Mr. Marcus, thank you very much.

OMG!  I’m going to have to pour bleach in my brain again!

Lloyd is a Tone-deaf-Hack-American.  Now I know why Field Negro Kept him as the “House Negro of the day” for so long. 


The guy’s got a good voice.  What a shame…

So, the original song was about how a certain girl made you feel good just to be alive.  This version is about how Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter (!?!), Laura Ingraham, and Michelle Malkine (double !?!) make you…

I’m sorry, I can’t complete that last sentence.  Feel like a victim?  Hate everyone who’s not like you?  Glad that you didn’t vote for that foreign-born IslamoFascistMarxist Negro?  What?

I seriously need some help on this one.

Oh, that wasn’t a parody? I guess some stuff conservatives do if funny even if they don’t mean it to be. Maybe that should be especially if they don’t mean it to be.

Ripley: His singing style is OK, but he seems to have trouble staying in key.  As someone with music production experience, I hear some serious AutoTuning going on (for example, 0.30-0.36).

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