International Buffoon’s Summer Vacation, Part Two: Outsourcing Mitt

So much has been written about Mitt Romney’s spectacular first 24 hours of his three-nation world tour that there’s little left for me to say. So I’ll pass the task on to others.

Mitt secures his place in history by being namechecked by London Mayor Boris Johnson as he prompts a “Yes we can!” call and response from a vast and wildly enthusiastic crowd as the Olympic torch arrives in Hyde Park:

People are coming from around the world and they’re seeing us, and they’re seeing the greatest city on Earth, aren’t they? Now, there are some people who are coming from around the world who don’t yet know about all the preparations we’ve done to get London ready in the last seven years. I hear there’s a guy, there’s a guy called Mitt Romney, who wants to know whether we’re ready … he wants to know whether we’re ready.

Are we ready? ...

The Daily Mail is not impressed with Mitt:

‘Are we ready? Yes we are!’ Mayor of London Boris Johnson attacks U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney as he issues Olympics rallying cry to 60,000 at Hyde Park

The Daily Telegraph‘s liveblog of Mitt’s first day off the leash abroad is only marginally less scathing (though measurably less funny) than the Guardian’s.

Trending HEAVILY from both sides of the Pond on Twitter: #RomneyShambles

This one’s for me old mucker Strange. We keep trucking on.

More: A picture paints a thousand words:


And hats off to Luckovich (as ever):


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In related news, a few last minute tickets to the Romney Fundraiser are now available for the low, low price of $10,000 $5,000 $1,000 $49.95.

Comment by Lowkey on 07/26/12 at 05:36 PM

Twitter has been hilarious today in the #romneyshambles category, although it is bringing out some of the snark-impaired.  For example, there was one credulous response to this fake* Rmoney quote:

“The Beatles were quite competent imitators of our The Monkees, even if they never had their own TV show.” #romneyshambles

(*at least I think it was fake)

Comment by meepmeep09 on 07/26/12 at 05:39 PM

In a similar vein, though there are so many hilarious tweets out there, I quite liked this one:

Paul Conrad
Mitt tells Liverpool crowd his favorite Beatles song is “Daydream Believer” #RomneyShambles

There was a halfhearted attempt to rally wingnuts from #TCOT to go do their usual disruption thing, but they were being buried when they weren’t being ribaldly taunted. Dana Loesch stuck her beak in a bit earlier, but last I saw, she’d given up.

The Atlantic‘s got some nominees for best tweet, but the night is young, the beer’s flowing, and I keep seeing new zingers.

Whew—catching up with the entire Romney fail-trail is exhausting business.  Hopefully he has a better time in Israel, where the atmosphere will be less fraught—-(*****) (Sorry, choked on my own snark.)

Beginning to seriously entertain the possibility that this is not the real GOP presidential candidate. The sneaky bastards have just sent Mitt out as a decoy.

Oh and add #AmericanBorat and #MittHitsTheFan to the jollity.

The name Mr. Bean has also been bandied about, “Worse than sarah Palin,” and a Daily Mail hack reported:

James Chapman (Mail)

Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson, asked if Romney welcome to light Olympic torch, says drily: ‘Probably not after today’

James Chapman (Mail)

Another verdict from one Romney meeting: ‘Apparently devoid of charm, warmth, humour or sincerity’ #romneyshambles #mitthitsthefan

John Swaine is the Telegraph‘s Washington correspondent:

Jon Swaine ‏@jonswaine

Banner headline across P6-7 spread of tomorrow’s Daily Mail: “Who invited party-pooper Romney?”

From what I’ve seen, a few papers will be frontpaging jibes at Romney tomorrow.

And Mark Halperin doesn’t get this “special relationship” thing at all:

Mark Halperin

Biggest threat on UK gaffe stuff 2 Mitt now: symbiotic relation between quote-seeking Brit journos and gov’t officials who like to show off

It’s going to be more fun and games when the rightwingers next reach for the Mail and the Telegraph for dirt to dish.

It’s going to be more fun and games when the rightwingers next reach for the Mail and the Telegraph for dirt to dish.

I can hardly wait to watch the Breitbrats and their ilk trip on their dicks trying to create a fauxtrage big enough to turn heads from all the Villagers chortling in print at what a fiasco this has been.

Oh, I am so enjoying Willard’s International Failapalooza Tour.  May we have much more to come!

The name Mr. Bean has also been bandied about

This is now morphing into “Mr. Bain.” It’s awesome watching memes form in real time.

Is it wrong that “worse than Sarah Palin” is my favorite of all things that have been said?  Because it is.

There’s many a RW troll I’ve seen completely lose their shit on various blogs tonight. And then there’s Dan Riehl ...

This. Does. Not. Compute.

Before: “Mitt’s gonna go over there and WOW the world by showing them what a real statesman is. They’ll be so relieved after a few years of putting up with the swarthy Kenyan.”

After: “Screw Britain, the British, and the rest of the world, they don’t matter anyway. WAAAAAAAAAAH.”


And those grapes were sour, also, too.

Mitt happens . . . but Mitt gets worse.

AmericanBorat indeed.

Not to worry. The weekend “news” shows will be devoted to informing the US audience that europeans do not vote in our elections. Just as hundereds of thousands of disenfranchised US voters are not allowed to vote in US elections.

Mitt’s one of the few people I can think of who can make David Cameron & Boris Johnson look reasonable.

Jason, Mitt’s also one of the few people who could cement British enthusiasm for the Olympics after all the problems we’ve had setting it up!

Michelle has now arrived and will be going to visit her BFF the Queen. We’re glad for the arrival of some American class after the last 36 hours or so.

I’ll be watching the opening ceremony tonight because it’s going to be a grand loony spectacle. I’m wondering if Romney’s going to get booed when he appears, but folks may have more class and just ignore him.


(via America’s Number One #WARBLOG)

Comment by Lowkey on 07/27/12 at 09:11 AM

(via America’s Number One #WARBLOG)


Favorite comment at Lowkey’s link:

Mitt: just because everybody calls you a “wanker,” doesn’t mean you are a Brit.

L. O. L.

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