Oval Office Makeover Transforms Campy Neocon Kitsch Museum into Sleek, Sexy Power-Space

Finally, Obam-Ra can stretch his world-bestriding legs in an office that doesn’t look like he won it in a shooting gallery at the Iowa State Fair.

Long-time WH staffers will miss the plastic bowl of Saddam Hussein commemorative PEZ dispensers and Dick Cheney’s quarter-operated blood-pressure-cuff chair, but they’ll doubtlessly appreciate the novelty of navigating through a room with identifiable surfaces in several colors and textures, and furniture that isn’t desert-camo’ed to match the walls.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 08/31/10 at 04:33 PM • Permalink

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Huh, looks like they picked up my old coffee table at a local garage sale.

@HumboldtBlue—Boy, do I know the blog you should be on.

Classy and beautiful, not paid for by tax dollars. Yet follow the link and read the comments there. Holy Mother of God, those people are fucking nuts!

@donnah—Yeah, I couldn’t care less if Obama has a Theatre Popcorn Cart and a carnival Love Tester in the Oval Office, but sometimes you just have to run some in-your-face counter-programming.

I’m amazed at all the people who think this is an uppity act of unprecedented self-aggrandizement.

It’s clearly a photoshop. There isn’t any watermelon in the bowl.

I like. Though, I’ve got to say that in my first term, I plan to replace the oval office furnishings with bean bag chairs. Yeah, I guess I’ll have to go with the Dark Side of the Moon Mural on the wall. Probably also a lava lamp.

If I had some time, I’d definitely photoshop this on a Hopper/Nighthawks theme.  Perhaps the Boulevard of Broken Birthers.

This is clearly the “company” decor.  Where’s the posters of Mao, Lenin, and Marx?  Beyonce, JayZ, and 50 cent?

Needs a St. Pauli Girl poster

Apparently, there is something wrong with Obama’s office.

It’s amazing the lengths some people will go to.

Yes, I’m nutpicking.

h/t commenter on Balloon Juice.

Comment by Kevin B. on 08/31/10 at 10:12 PM

I read your link, Comrade Kevin.  And, it made me think.

When I become president, I’ll give a speech.  And, someone’s going to say that I didn’t show enough sarcasm.

That’s going to hurt.

It’s amazing the lengths some people will go to.

Trigger warning!  Hurtful pics of Barack’s own family being shown so prepare to feel upset because maybe somebody you knew once or heard about went to Iraq and had a family and they didn’t come home or, you know, something like that and THIS IS SO HURTFULL!!!11!

Good. Grief.

I didn’t go to the link - have any of the commenters over there connected this story with the Obama Is A Wimp while Putin Is a He-Man meme?  You know, stereotypes of limp-wristed interior decorators and whatnot?  If they haven’t yet, it’s only a matter of time - this is my ancestral tribe {shudder}; I know them well.

And a bonus Putin-GIF from Echidne’s comment to her post.
Well, I think it’s funny!

Comment by meepmeep09 on 08/31/10 at 11:14 PM

At the risk of being shunned for a snarkless comment, I think the new decor looks great.  It’s welcoming.

You know, both my parents died of cancer. And my two sisters are both battling it. So I think it’s really triggering to hear people talk about having relatives who are living and/or healthy. So could you all pretend not to have any living family members so my fee-fees don’t get bruised? Because I was promised that the world is a cushy, comfy place where the Men in Black come around regularly and erase all the disagreeable memories with candy-colored cotton-cloud images.

How DARE he redecorate?! Like he actually LIVES in the White House or something. And what’s that painting in the corner? It looks like a painting of Malcom X & Che Guevara pissing on the American flag that I once saw in a dream after eating 5 bags of Cheezy Poofs.


PUMAs and Conservatives are upset that Obama has better taste than they do, especially since they figured the Black guy would do up the Oval Office in orange shag and lava lamps, with a Crown Air Freshener on the desk and empty cans of Grape Soda falling off the coffee table.

There is nothing more annoying to Real Americans™ than a Black person who owns better shit than they do, because he knows quality and can afford it.

Plus all the new furnishings were made in the US. Fuckyou, stupid haters!


There is nothing more annoying to Real Americans™ than a Black person who owns better shit than they do, because he knows quality and can afford it.


I suspect that some of them envisaged mud floors, cattleshit daub on the walls, dogs and children running round equally nekkid and unwashed, an open bonfire where the seal on the Great Hearthrug of Power lies, and assorted animal hides hung on the wall and draped on what was left of the previous occupant’s furnishings.*

* Those last two features will have to await Palin’s turn at the wheel.

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