Palin, Bachmann to Activate “Large Moron Collider” at Tea Party Nation Opryland Confab

In the most ambitious bid yet to create an unstable fusion reaction between negatively-charged particles of American Exceptionalism and the man-made carbonate nuclei of Home Shopping Network gemstones, Tea Party Nation has announced that US Rep. Michele Bachmann will join Facebook celebrity Sarah Palin to headline the National Tea Party Convention in February.

The event will be held at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN, the former geographical location of Branson, MO. 

Cover charge for the just-plain-folks “grassroots” meetup is a workingman-priced $549. How you get there and where you sleep are your own lookout, Pilgrim.

No word yet on expected attendance, although scientists at the Rumproast Blogospheric Institute speculate that any number exceeding 1,000 will be sufficient to achieve “Critical Boobosity,” causing the entire venue to instantly teleport back to the “mindset-synchronous” year of 1873.

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Caption Contest?

Here’s two definite attendees.

Joe the Plunger Jockey sure looks purty in that dress.

Cover charge for the just-plain-folks “grassroots” meetup is a workingman-priced $549.

Shall we write the script now or wait?

Let’s do it now:

“Waaah! We hocked all our jewelry, electronics and our car and walked from Louisville, KY, through a snow storm with our three kids to see Sarah Palin only to find she’d left because the water at the hotel didn’t taste the same as it does in Alaska!”

I doubt this Tea Party Convention in Opryland, TN is the best way to convince skeptics the Republicans are not just a Southern regional party.
Party on, y’all!

@HTP—I suspect she’ll only attend half the convention, since after that she’ll just be a “lame duck.”

I feel especially bad for the attendees who don’t realize that Lloyd Lindroth, the “Liberace of the Harp,” died in 1994, and no longer plays on a balcony in the atrium. They really should tell you that up-front.

~~~you met another and *FART* you was gone…~~~

If Virginia Foxx goes there will they make it a Threesome?

I don’t know, I think there should be a pool as to whether or not Palin actually shows up or decides she’s got something better to do at the time.

My money is on her not showing up.

Sucker bet karen marie. Sucker bet.

Sarah will show. Why?

1. Paying customers. If the organizers have learned anything from history, though, they’ll only pay her after the appearance, of course.

2. Let that grinning Minnesotan Milkmaid have the stage to herself?

Meh. When they get the turnout of a Ren Faire or a sci-fi convention, let me know.

$550?  Really?  I wouldn’t pay that much to see God himself, much less a coupla power-crazed conservative harpies. 

Pawn shops will be flooded w/ Hummel figurines.

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