Palin doubles down

WASILLA, ALASKA: Not content to figuratively put Democratic lawmakers in her gun sights, Fox News analyst and former Half-Governor Palin doubled down today, releasing a chilling new image on her website:


A companion Facebook post threatened a full-blown nuclear “Sarahpocalypse” to “take back” America.

The Facebook post urged Palin supporters to consider the benefits of decimating certain sections of the country to achieve a return to founding values:

“With the most pro-abortion president in the history of the world ‘transforming’ our country into an socialist abortion-lovers’ paradise and installing abortion vending machines and death panels on every corner, our country is being ‘transformed’ in unwanted ways. It’s time for Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America to take a stand.

“Now some might say exploding nuclear bombs on non-pro-America parts of America is a drastic solution. I say you can’t make a pro-America omelet without literally breaking some anti-American eggs and frying up some elitist bacon.”

While many reacted to Palin’s proposal with shock and horror, others seemed nonplussed:

“I don’t think it’s particularly helpful,” President Obama said. “But we’ll continue to reach across the aisle and try to work with Republicans in a bipartisan way. That’s clearly what the American people expect.”

Others expressed support and even enthusiasm for Palin’s “Sarahpocalypse” plan:

“This will be better than the little starbursts,” said Rich Lowry, National Review Online editor. “I’m sure I won’t be the only male in America who will sit up a little straighter on the couch when viewing Sarah’s radiant glow.”

News analysts were divided about the possible effect of simultaneous nuclear detonations on Democratic strongholds:

“Let’s go to the map and break this down,” said CNN’s John King, sweeping his hand dramatically over an in-studio screen. “We’re talking millions of votes here, even in a mid-term election. I think this move would almost guarantee big gains for the GOP in both the House and Senate this fall. It would unquestionably be bad news for the Democrats.”

“Not so fast,” cautioned MSNBC analyst Chuck Todd. “It depends entirely on the BDA [bomb damage assessment]. Let’s not forgot a lot of those Democrats will survive. And they will be pissed!”

Fox News analysts were united in their enthusiasm for the plan. Rupert Murdoch revealed a disaster recovery strategy put in place when the network brought Palin on board as an analyst, in which broadcasting equipment and network centers were built in underground shelters on Palin’s Alaska property, in addition to her home studio:

“Though our New York studios will obviously be consumed in a holy flame, it won’t disrupt our operations,” the media mogul noted. “In fact, I believe our ratings will soar.”

Neither Palin’s new SarahPACalypse site nor her Facebook postings hint at a timetable for the proposed political maneuver. Reached at her Wasilla home, Palin winked and said, “Stay tuned!”

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I wish she and her followers would just get Raptured up already so we didn’t have to see or hear their incessant craziness.

In all seriousness though, this surge of gun imagery is disturbing to me. Naming names and highlighting them with gunsights? Really? Making threats to assassinate lawmakers’ children, targeting the President himself? Really? Because frankly, as much as I LOATHED Bush and Cheney, I wouldn’t have called for their assassinations. Prison, sure, but not murder.

But apparently it’s okay if you’re a nutjob Republican/Teabagger.

Nice job with extrapolating their dementia, Betty. Clever!

Every time the country sees Barack Obama, he is gracious, earnest, measured in his words, passionate without being antagonistic, and almost supernaturally cognizant of the expectations of his office and his obligations to the people of the United states.

Every time they see Sarah Palin, she is making some kind of half-assed, hyperbolic, self-serving, reactionary pre-emptive strike on one or another topic of enormous complexity which her handlers have obligingly distilled into jaw-dropping, comic book moronisms that she can regurgitate on tape before her beehive unravels.

She is the embodiment of World Wrestling Politics—a loudmouth idiot with a folding chair, managed by banal, sleazy characters wearing sunglasses and swami hats. With stunts like this, she is practically demanding that America take her as seriously as a monster-truck rally and file her in the same part of the Public Brain that holds our fake restaurant receipts and snapshots of the Iron Sheik.

Amen to that.  And the worst part?  That is the GOP right now.  The Teabaggers ARE the audience at a wrestling match, right down to the goofy signs.


I’d go with “Sarah’s radiated glow” myself ...

ROTFLMAO!  Thanks for the brilliant satire.

This has to be a hoax. That quote from Palin was far too literate and grammatically correct to actually be written by her.

She’s the new Rosie O’Donnell. Get used to it. A face your repulsed to see let alone speak.

Scary, scary stuff.  “Nonplussed” does not mean indifferent or unmoved:  just the opposite.

I’m sorry.  I can’t turn my brain off enough to figure out what the hell she’s talking about.

It would appear that Sarah’s clown shoes are getting duller and and her political clown car is in need of a good wind up. Seriously, she makes me laugh more often than the people who support her ludicrous ideas.

She actually posted the non-edited image on her Twitter and Facebook page.

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