Palin Non-Campaign Bus Plans Stops in Historic Iowa, Home of America’s Oldest Islamic Mosque

I’m just guessing it’s all about the Mosque, since the Wikipedia list of big-name historic sites is pretty thin…unless she’s got a hankering to apologize to the Indians or visit the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.

But, hey — as long as it’s not about the Iowa Primary (nudge-nudge), I guess it’s OK.

A political Merry Prankster, Palin clearly relishes her unique ability to confound and surprise her prospective opponents, as she test-drives a possible presidential run that she and her team—with a discernible wink—have publicly billed as something akin to a mere sightseeing trip.

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The second season of Sarah Palin’s Alaska was supposed to have been Sarah Palin’s America consisting of her and the family traveling around the lower 48.  I guess they’re using up some of the ideas they came up with for the show but this is more like Borat without the humor.

You know, it’s really boring as hell to pay attention to her, since the only thing that ever changes are her clothes and hairstyles. She never gets any smarter, and she never shows even the slightest inclination to grow beyond her comfort-zone as an opportunistic self-promoter. And, seriously, “God Bless America” isn’t a policy platform. Covering Sarah is like watching The Lawrence Welk Show — it’s sappy and schmaltzy and hurts my ears, and it makes me wish Grandma and Grandpa would fall asleep so I could change the channel.

But, God help me, the rest of the GOP line-up is even duller.

Though Palin has insisted that her “One Nation” bus tour—being kicked off from Washington over the holiday weekend—is intended merely to “highlight America’s foundation,

America’s Foundation for the Ethically Challenged, accepting donations now!

“We The People honor the role of Iowa that has played in so too the Revelationary War that shall never be forgotten in our great history,” said the itinerant as she boarded her flag-bedizened motorbus for the arduous 10-minute journey to her unmarked private jet.

One Nation: the Real Americans, and then there’s the other 299 million plus.

I live in Iowa.

No. Just… no.

If the damn unions were as all-powerful as the wingnuts claim, folks like Ripley could sign on with the Actors’ Guild (or whatever they’re called), and at least make some beer & pizza money for being unwilling extras in Grifterella’s traveling media sideshow.

A political Merry Prankster…

Ken Kesey is gonna be pissed

A political Merry Prankster…

Someone doesn’t know the difference between acid and meth.

For once, I’m glad Minnesota is not a major player in pre-election shenanigans.  I hope that means we won’t be seeing The Grifter drift her way into our state, doncha know.

Palin is actually one of the least confounding and surprising operators out there. It counfounds and surprises me that people continue to think she is anything other than an “opportunistic self-promoter” (nice phrase, Strange).

She may be aiming to play cat and mouse with the media on this jaunt to prove something or other, but I imagine her fans are going to find it getting rather old pretty quickly. One poor benighted couple reportedly waited over 8 hours for a no show!

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