Palin Speaks, Asian Financial Markets To Spontaneously Combust

Pictured: Palin’s financial education

Having backed out of every domestic speaking engagement since quitting the Governorship, Sarah Palin will now speak to the highest bidder an Asian financial firm and impart her vast knowledge of international monetary markets and aerial wolf hunting. Also.

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I do hope Babelfish gets the contract for the translations.

Also. One of the Alaska blogs has a cracking roundup of some of the excuses her supporters have offered for her serial no-shows at various events over the past year.

Sarah’s two-part presentation,“Mr. Paycheck’s Marvelous Journey from the Teller’s Window to the Central Bank in An Armored Car” and “How Money Makes Money—the Miracle of Compound Interest,” was originally commissioned for the September G20 meeting in Pittsburgh. However, she was forced to cancel at the last minute when event officials informed her that puppets would not be permitted inside the secure perimeter.

LOL!  WTF???  What a waste of money.  What financial advice could she possibly offer to international markets? 

Well, at least I can take comfort in knowing that “teh stupid” is not limited to just America…

event officials informed her that puppets would not be permitted inside the secure perimeter.

That’s true! President Medvedev was held up for an hour and a half at the last one, and missed the made-to-order omelettes at the Welcome G20 Financial Recovery Breakfast And Plenary Session entirely!

i think palin has been signed up just purely for the publicity.The aim of conference is to attract as many of the key players in the asian investment industry into one place.There is no shortage of excellent financial minds speaking at the conference however i imagine some participants will find some macabre attraction at watching sarah palin speak. For many the chance to have their preconceived ideas of the characters involved in the US political system confirmed will be worth the entrance fee alone!

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