Palin Spews Tea at Liquor Conference

Stick a cork in her, she’s done.

Pics and play-by-play attendee tweets here.

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I would have expected her to extol the virtues of home stills and bathtub gin, but I guess she really doesn’t stray from her key words and catch phrases.

Shorter Palin lecture:

Sarah Palin says politicians lecture too much and does not listen to entrepreneurs.

Sarah Palin didn’t talk abt anything regarding the Wine & Spirits biz. All Obama bashing.

So unfair. Sounds like she whined plenty. She has a long track record of involvement with the drinks industry:

It was our best selling wine before (the V.P. announcement),” said Chris Tavelli, owner of Yield Wine Bar, which has offered Palin Syrah, a certified organic wine from Chile, by the glass since July. But after Sen. John McCain tagged Sarah Palin as his running mate, sales of the wine with the conservative’s inverted name plummeted—not surprising in famously liberal San Francisco.

Judging from those pictures, I’m wondering if this wasn’t actually the annual meeting of the Vacant Chair Fabricators Guild.

Now if it had been the Whine and Holy Spirits conference…
/obvious and trite easy way ou—
oh, who are we kidding, you know it’s not the end!

But the wine label is wonderful, the pencil drawing managing to depict both the interior and exterior of SP’s head (seen from above) simultaneously.

My verification word is PAID! And how.

I’m just guessing here but I think the bowling crowd is going to like her better than the wine dealers did.

OMG, marin. That comments section is full of win.

Stick a cork in her, she’s done.

So simple. So perfect. So goshdarn funny.


That Bowling Expo gig is in Las Vegas, too.  Wonder if she’s got a gambling problem.  But I shouldn’t speculate.

That comments section is full of win.

No kidding.

“Remember Hitler and Anthony E[a]den?”

And when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Wine blog Spume has a frequently amusing live blog of Palin’s conference speech.

@Brit—That commentary is freakin’ hilarious. Thanks!

@MaryRC at 9:22pm
The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, not the Germans.

@Oma Drei—Forget it, she’s rolling.

(You probably won’t get that joke, either, Oma—but thanks for stopping by.)

Sarah Palin’s favorite Wine accompaniment is a brown paper bag, over her head would be good.

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