The Most Prescient Domain Redirect Ever?


I just went to check if anyone had grabbed a web domain for a possible Sarah Palin - Michelle Bachmann ticket in 2012. Go ahead and click it:

Yep, that’s pretty much what the outcome would be.  Whatever you do, don’t tell the Republicans.

[image originally posted here]

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/29/09 at 02:51 PM • Permalink

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Isn’t it a microcosm of the preparedness and vision of the two subjects. 

Palin/Bachmann-fly by the pants…not a single useful thought.

Obama-vision and maturity ahead of time and age.  Thoughtful to the point of thinking steps ahead.

Whatever you do, don’t tell the Republicans.

Or you-know-who.

Flat out awesome.

For the record, the domain appears to be owned by an individual and not the Obama campaign, unless they’re using an alias.

Or you-know-who.

Oops.  Since they stalk us now more than we stalk them, I’d say the, ahem, cat is out of the bag.

The Logo is missing the “!!!!!111!!!!!!1!!!” at the end

Seriously I though only blog commenters came up with tickets like Palin-Bachmann 2012!!!!11!!1!!!

Some librul cyber-squatter is thinking he’s got a $1m domain name on his hands if he can just wait a couple years and keep up the $9 registraion payments

Brilliant. However is still available. Betty, if there was ever a worthwhile investment, this is it. : )

Comment by J. on 04/29/09 at 05:17 PM

Fully LOLded.

Bachmann Palin Overdrive!

Fools! The smart money is on Jindal-Buchanan.

And I already own all those domains. Ha!

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