Pam Geller Totally Misses Actual Subliminal Danger Signs in Final Park 51 Design

Pam Geller triggered ripples of knee-jerk indignation today when she discerned “crushed” and “tumbling” Stars of David in the newly-released final design for the Park 51 Community Center, the facade of which merges organic and geometric shapes into a randomly cellular grid.

Of course, because Pam sees Coded Jihadi Messages in her corn flakes, she was blind to the genuine cyphered warning of Quarter-Operated Death From Beyond the Stars.

Full image of the final building design is below the fold, so that you can fully experience its diabolically deconstructivist Rorschachiness.

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I bet she sees Elvis in her toast in the morning too.

Eee! They’ve been making sinister star patterns 4everz!

Good God! It’s almost as though they only have geometric art!

That woman makes Sarah Palin look almost normal. almost.

Geller’s the sort of person who walks up to paintings at the MOMA and says, “What are you lookin’ at?”

The Case Of The Anti-Semitic Spirograph is afoot.

Jihadi-comb’s big! Yeah yeah yeah! Its not small! No no no!

Well, that’ll sure blend in nicely with the surrounding cityscape.

Does Pammy know that Islamic art is entirely non- representational and has a tradition of geometric shapes that goes back fourteen hundred years?

I dunno, I kinda like it. Of course, I live near Seattle, and if you’ve ever seen a picture of the Experience Music Project building (shudders), I know all about hideous architecture! At least it scares off the aliens from our side of the country…

Pammy would see Jewish stars rising, but the only Jewish star she wants to rise is her own.

But seriously.  The controversy aside, did these people learn NOTHING from One Columbus Circle?  This a fully-grown white elephant before it’s even been conceived in the mommy elephant.

Well now, Pam could be right. The moooslims could be deliberately incorporating secret symbolism in their architecture. They might also be making faces at her behind her back.

Just ‘cuz you’re paranoid doesn’t mean….well, you know.

Just ‘cuz you’re paranoid doesn’t mean….well, you know.

Yes, I mean there really ARE plots against people sometimes, aren’t there?  Aren’t there???

Buckminster Fuller’s brain would have turned the consistency of porridge today, if it had witnessed his wonderful geodesic concept turned to a slab of acute and obtuse angles, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

I think Pam Geller makes some valid points and I think the Muslim Imam owes an explanation.  I also think that design will not fit into the surrounding area and is uglier than hell.  Even a libtard has to admit it is a butt ugly building.

I think Pam Geller makes some valid points

I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop laughing at your first assertion to read the rest of your off-the-bargain-rack Wingnut Talking Points.

@Conservative Mark—Pam’s a vicious, uneducated bigot, and I think the building design is magnificently non-linear.

Much better than the Western Christian obsession with right angles and bilateral symmetry. You should broaden your mind, such as it is. Start with Gropius and Le Corbusier, and work your way up.

There’s more to architecture than the Opryland Hotel.

You’re so much nicer than I am, Strange. I was just going to suggest to “Conservative Mark” that no matter how much he trolls us, Pam won’t ever let him stick his half-inch wingnut wang in between her fake funbags.

O, I had the unearned advantage of attending two really fine universities on my parents’ dime, so I’m hesitant to dump on commenters who didn’t have my luck. Mark, I’m sure, is earnest but uninformed. It’s not really his fault, and no doubt there are dozens like him. I wish I could buy him a computer so he could go online and see what he’s been missing.

I usually figure “libtard” is my invitation to go postal.

There’s also the matter of how pathetic it is to post “nyah-nyah liberals suck” comments on days-old threads.

Speaking last doesn’t make you the winner, especially when the debate was held last week.

Again, many of these folks don’t even understand the words they’re typing, so I err on the side of gentleness. For all I know, he thinks Pam Geller is a real person.

I would love to jump on conservative mark too, tell him that Ayn Rand, horrible dime-store philosopher and lousy writer that she was, would have spit nails at Pam Gellar’s misappropriation of her novel for such jug-headed (sorry) antics, but coming in on a thread so late in the action is, you know, kind of pathetic.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop laughing at your first assertion to read the rest of your off-the-bargain-rack Wingnut Talking Points.

I didn’t get any further than “I think ....”

Here is what one of my favorite architecture critics has to say about it.

Comment by Oblomova on 10/05/10 at 08:17 AM
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