Paul Krugman on Obama: “[I]t’s really good to see how much he gets it.”

From one of Obama’s harshest critics on the left:

I found Obama’s health care presentation so impressive — so much command of the issues — that it had me worried. If I really like a politicians’ speech, isn’t that an indication that he lacks the popular touch? (A couple of points off for “incentivize” — what ever happened to “encourage”? — but never mind.)

Seriously, it’s really good to see how much he gets it.

As you can imagine, this will probably drive the tiny tribe of sneering anti-Obama Hillary Kucinich supporters, who won’t stop relitigating the primaries, 100% batshit crazy. Day = made. Good morning, sun.

MORE: Make sure you check out Krugman’s well-placed smackdown of Howie Fineman in the update. Ouch.  So very shrill.

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Insufferably smug Villager Mark Halperin dutifully regurgitates the Luntz-approved talking points:,8599,191 2283,00.html

@Tom65—I guess Halperin must be working to a word-quota. Most people don’t need 500 words to make the point that they having nothing to say.

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