Pentacostal Pranayama

I feel a little like a heel picking on poor ole Pat, but I can’t help recording a dis on yoga that is remarkably, um. Hm.

I like yoga and meditation myself. I am in theory an atheist and in practice a Buddhist. I sit in half or full lotus most of the time, because it is very comfortable for my back, you understand (arthritis problems). I meditate because I am insomnia-and-anxiety-prone and finding my center keeps me on an even rational keel. I am familiar with some Buddhist mantras derived from Sanskrit but filtered through the Tibetan practices that I learned my little bit of yoga from. I am going to state something that is probably obvious to you, that is not obvious to Pat or Pat-like persons.

I read things. And if I read about a mantra—I also study it, because why would it mean anything if I didn’t?  People educated in critical thinking want to understand why they say or do things. At least, they should. Robertson is taking for granted that people on a spiritual journey are unqualified to understand why they are making that journey, and how they will relate to what they find. But yoga derives from the same root idea as “religion” does—unification. There isn’t anything spiritually less-than in “hindu” or “Sanskrit” coming out of a yoga-inclined mouth. This beef seems really weird. But the idea that yoga makes people “speak in tongues” is funny. There are other people who spoke in tongues…

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What an ignorant old man!

A gibberish MAN tra? Praying “in Hindu”? And new agey “veganism”?

Where do I sign up to get rich by knowing nothing at all?

Because I’m the worst, may I suggest Regent University, founded by Pat Robertson, which boasts of its very good success in getting alumni hired to government jobs (or at least, it did during the Bush Administration). Notable graduates include convicted felon ex-VA gov Bod McDonnell, Monica Goodling—who was a key player in hiring and firing people based on their real or imagined political ideology for the Bush Admin., and Jay Sekulow, an admittedly talented lawyer who takes cases that usually are an affront to my cherished notions of church/state separation.

Robertson seems to be getting progressively odder, and I kind of feel like at some point soon, his television availability will need to be curtailed for him to maintain what dignity he has. But his legacy will wear on. And on. And on. This, you might have guessed, bugs me a bit.

Hmm, the only vocalizations yoga has ever made me do is a groan about the intensity.  Oh, there was that one time it triggered an emotional response and the tears rolled out, but I keep on practicing. 

The increasingly weird things coming from Pat’s mouth make me wonder if there really is someone more highly placed than he who is getting worried that the whole money train is about to dissolve into a puddle of senile old man commentary. Then again, would the people who slavishly follow his every word even notice?  Pat doesn’t seem to have provided for a younger face with charisma to take over his position, which actually brings me a bit of joy….

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