Pipe-Bomb Spree Is “a Prank Too Far” for Aging, Wheelchair-Bound Mr. Mxyzptlk

Above: “Larry” Mxyzptlk in a 2001 TV interview denying allegations of supernatural “dirty tricks” in the Florida election recount; in a booking photo following his arrest this week; as Superman’s magic-wielding comic book life-irritant.

OK, well, you’re right. The guy in the middle is actually accused would-be domestic terrorist Larry North, who was indicted in Texas this week in connection with the discovery of 36 pipe-bomb devices in 23 public mail boxes.

I could not, however, dismiss the striking physical similarities between North and Superman’s 5th-Dimensional pain-in-the-ass, or the fact that both of them have major authority issues and a “thing” for peevish, dangerous, dumbshit stunts that accomplish nothing beyond putting innocent lives in jeopardy. Maybe it’s simple coincidence—or, just maybe, there should be a whole separate line at the airport for malevolent-looking, gnome-faced, bullet-headed men with white, tufty clown-hair.

TPM reports that the judge in the case has ordered a psych eval for North, who has a history of emotional problems. Meanwhile, metaphorical bomb-throwers like Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Liz Cheney and Michael Savage are still presumed to be sane. Go figure.

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I would expand the profiling to include men sporting tufty clown-hair of any color. Sometimes they go radical before they go gray, be they blondes, brunettes and—especially—redheads.


Mxyzptlk - good reference, Strange.  Either that or the fat clown from Spawn.


OK, who else knew that the Mr. M photo on the left is Michael J. Pollard as the Evil Imp in TV’s Superboy?

I mean, come on. Michael J. Fucking Pollard as Mxyzptlk? It’s a Casting Director’s wet dream.

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