Plastic (Black) Jeebus


I don’t care if it rains or freezes
Long as I got my plastic Jesus
Sitting on the dashboard of my car

--American folk song

When progressives (and I count myself among them) grow weary of the halting, incremental pace of change under the Obama Administration, hard choices have to be made:

1.  We can curl up into a whimpering ball.

2. We can form alliances with wingnut assholes and engage in symbolic, counterproductive fist-shaking.

3. We can shake our heads at the rampant ignorance and stupidity that make anything but half measures nearly impossible and do our part to move things along.

I favor number 3 myself, with a side order of ineffectual bitching. But I admit it’s not all that emotional satisfying.

That’s why Plastic Black Jeebus comes in handy when incrementalism simply isn’t enough. See him take on arch-villains below the fold!

Dealing with the financial crisis:


Beating swords into plowshares:


Taking on anti-gay bigots:


Putting loud-mouthed wingnut jackasses in their place:


Taking on teabaggers:


Instantly resolving the health care crisis:


Repudiating torture and BushCo-era torturers:


I don’t know about you, but I feel better already! I’ve never really understood why wingnuts like to watch Red Dawn over and over. I sorta get it now.

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I recommend outraged progressives, self-righteous Edwards supporters and PUMAs invest in this model instead.

Betty, I can’t tell you how much better I feel too!

Allan, I really can’t tell you how much better. I’m glad it’s phthalate-free, but that flag pin looks worrisome.

Makes me want to hum a little tune that goes something like this:

I’ll get healthcare for my Momma,
As long as I’ve got Ninja Obama,
Sittin’ on the dashboard of my car.

Trala. :D

That’s awesome, Betty! I want the whole series! There has to be a Punching Pelosi Doll and the Harry Reid Doll with Ass-kick Action.

Betty, I feel the same damn way! #3 is the best option, although I have crept dangerously close to #1. Excellent job with plastic Jeebus.  I packed mine away, but might have to pull it back out. (Wow, that sounds like I have Allan’s version) Anyway, I look forward to more in this series.  It lessens the anxiety. Please forward your blogpost to Axelrod and friends.

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