Politically Unsavvy Mendacious Asshats

Two PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) pity party poopers, Thuc Nguyen and Harriet Christian’s BFF Will Bower, recently made an appearance on Fox with Neil Cavuto to explain why they will not, will not, WILL NOT vote for Barack Obama in November.  This exchange had me rolling on the floor:

NEIL CAVUTO: How many do you think share your views?  I know there are eighteen million—

THUC NGUYEN: Right now?

CAVUTO:—Hillary Clinton supporters, mug’s game though it might be.  How many do you think will jump to John McCain?

NGUYEN: Well, over this weekend we had a big conference call with a bunch of groups and formed a coalition. It’s justsaynodeal.com.  And right now we have millions and millions.  They’re all coming together.

CAVUTO: Wait a minute, how many? Millions and millions couldn’t have been on the conference call, so Will, how many do you think—

NGUYEN: No, but there were about fifty.

CAVUTO: But fifty. Alright. Eighteen million. Fifty. Alright.

And this quote from Cavuto was pretty funny, too:

CAVUTO: Wow, you guys are very angry, aren’t you?

BOWER: I don’t think “angry” is a fair word.  I think I’m approaching this calmly and coolly. It’s not anger.  It’s indignation, but not anger.

CAVUTO: When you put “ass” in, like, your logo, you’re angry.

Watch it:

MORE: Behold the “millions.” Hmmm, what does this remind me of? This, too. I’m obviously not a fan of Cavuto, but I applaud his attempt to call them on their “millions” claim. CNN’s Veronica De La Cruz just took the owner of the laughably awful and amateur hcsfjm.com site at his word.

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I’m watching all this from Australia…and didn’t watch 2004 quite as intently as i have 2008. So i’m just wondering because i find it all at once fascinating and incredibly frustrating.

Has this kind of thing happened before during and after a Primary?

I can imagine people in the past not voting because their guy didn’t win, or writing in or whatever…but has there been this level of publicity for this phenomenon?

Is it just the press running with a story because it’s blood in the water and people will do anything for 5 minutes of fame? Is it just some bizzare genetic trait only Clinton supporters possess and it’s unique to this race?

I mean you don’t see Edwards or Kucinich voters starting their own facebook groups and continually whining about how this race was somehow stolen from them by the powers that be (Or if that doesn’t hold water it’s the sexist misogynist male power brokers up to the same old tricks).

So whats the deal?

It’s apparently Obama supporters who deify their candidate and drink the Kool Aid…Hillary OR DEATH!!

Dear God, I need a “Shake Me Up” right about now after watching this.

Douglas, I think what you are seeing is not-much-to-report-on-right-now-send-in-the-clowns form of journalism.  These are very much fringe dwellers who know how to attract the attention of the media (Fox for the sake of argument).  When it comes down to the actual election, you won’t see real Democrats contemplating McCain for a nano.

PUMA MAN! Feel our claws! Here our mighty roars and tremble, O feckless DNC!

This is the only retreat for the delusional.  If you Friedman Unit-ed your way through the primary on No Quarter and the Swamp thinking the next new flimsy crap was gonna sink Obama, then this is where you are if you STILL aren’t willing to live in the REAL WORLD.  If this is you then “why’d he” sounds like “whitey”...although I must say I’m black and 34 and I haven’t heard another black person ever actually use the term.  Unless you consider Rollo Larson (of Sanford & Son fame) and Sweet Daddy (of Good Times fame).  But then again, that would still be Norman Lear and Bud Yorkin.

Poor Larry’s of the world, next they’ll say they have Obama on tape trying to score a “Lid” of weed…lol

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