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I haven’t had a lot to say about HCR lately - mostly out of fear that whatever I did say would be an invective-laced, filthy tirade. Since I don’t want to steal Oblomova’s stock-in-trade schtick (love you, girlfriend!), I’ll leave you to ponder some bastardized lyrics based on this tune.

Piece of Shit Bill (sing to the tune of “Ode to My Car”)

here we go
no no no (whoo ooh)
piece of shit bill,
we gotta piece of shit bill

that fucking pile of shit
never gets us very far.
The bill’s a big piece of shit
‘cause the public option’s fucking shot,
and my Senate’s fuckin’ broken,
not gonna take what they got. (it’s a piece of shit)

i can’t get no Medicare
‘cause Joe Lieberman’s on crack,
and the mandate smells real bad
cause Ben Nelson’s a fucking hack. (its a piece of shit)

(piece of shit bill) piece of shit bill
(we gotta piece of shit bill)
it sucks royal dick (that fuckin pile of shit, never gets us very far)
oh fuck you bill.

it’s got no single payer,
it’s only got an Aetna fast track.
whoever designed this bill
can lick my sweaty nut sack. (they can bite his ass too)

and it’s got no fucking brakes,
insurance profits out of control,
11 times a day i hear “fuck you, asshole” (you fucking piece of shit).

(piece of shit bill)
i’ve got a piece of shit bill (he’s got a piece of shit bill).
Evan Bayh sucks my ass! (that fucking pile of shit)
that pile of legislative shit (never gets us very far.)

oh what the fuck did we do,
what the fuck did we do,
what the fuck did we do,
to get stuck with you?

you’re too bad for wingnuts
but you smell like Dem poo,
but we’re too stupid to try something new.
ah fuck me.

(piece of shit bill)
you piece of shit bill. (we gotta piece of shit bill)
you piece of shit bill (piece of shit bill)

Obama fucking caving (we got a piece of shit bill)
Olympia Snowe no go (piece of shit bill)
7 different versions (we got apiece of shit bill)
no reconciliation (piece of shit bill)
restricting abortion everywhere (piece of shit bill)
whoaaaa the whole world thinks we’re a loser (piece of shit bill)
Mrs. Polly, give me a push!

[My apologies to Adam Sandler who also just suffered the devastating blow of having Neil Diamond record The Hanukkah Song.]

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Nicely done! Even though I’m leaning toward “pass a POS and make it better later,” given that every other time anything close to healthcare reform has been shot down, it’s been twenty years before anyone touches it again. But I can see why others disagree with that stance, lord knows. Mostly I find that I feel better if I just focus all my rage with laser-like intensity on Joe Lieberman, who has been on my shitlist since he essentially spent the entire VP debate of 2000 figuratively licking Dick Cheney’s taint. (For that image—you’re welcome!)

I used to pooh-pooh the notion that the U.S. is essentially ungovernable, but I’m beginning to pay some heed to that point of view.

I’m for passing the POS too, and after Liebermann steps down/loses his next election and lands in that executive chair at Aetna (face first would be nice), attaching all sorts of improvements to a military spending bill.

Or perhaps Obama could use a signing statement: “all this but with the Medicare buy-in and abortion for all.”

I forgot to say, excellent poem, too, gimme.

—-Mercy! Al Franken is making Wellstone proud in Fiddler’s Green, or Valhalla!

Wellhalla, perhaps.

Interesting what happens when you combine Wellstone with an erstwhile college wrestler.

Now do one about Joe Lieberman fucking us all AT A MEDIUM PACE.

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