POTUS Pardons Liberty, Passes on Peace

Happy Thanksgiving!

More tradition:

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Thank god they moved the turkeys to Mt. Vernon.  Under Bush the pardoned turkeys went to (I swear to gopod I’m not making this up) Frying Pan Park in NoVa (out by Dulles off 28).

Did Obama make a secret muslin hand motion when he pardoned them?

So if you say the right prayer for halal but then don’t kill the bird, does it get superpowers?

The Turkey Drop is what would happen if President Herman Cain tried to pardon them.

A friend of mine was running on top of an iconic local mesa and surprised a large flock of wild turkeys, which rather surprised me.  I’ve never seen wild turkeys within hundreds of miles of Denver before, and this was really, really near Denver. 

Their numbers are growing.  We have been warned…

When I lived in densely populated East Cambridge, it wasn’t unusual to see one strutting around that end of the MIT campus. Man, they are HUGE and just gorgeous.

If you go to rural areas, especially “edge” areas where woodlands meet open pastures or farmlands, you often see turkeys,pheasants and quails.  Not necessarily altogether, of course but in a similar environment.

The Turkey Drop is what would happen if President Herman Cain tried to pardon them.

I think his marketing people would prefer you to refer to it as a mass delivery of Instant Turkey Pizzas.

There was a pair of wild turkeys near my mom’s house (now my sister’s place) in the ‘burbs of Chicago. She kept telling me about them, but every time I was out there, I had just missed them, or they had just flown off (I guess wild ones can fly—just not the domesticated bred-for-gluttony ones). She even tried to get a picture of them but they were so blurry they could have been toddlers in snowsuits or something. So I was teasing her that she was seeing “Wild Turkey,” all right.

But then I did see them perched on a neighbor’s roof when I hadn’t been imbibing at all. They are BIG LOUD suckers.

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