POTUS talks to PPOFB

The President of the United States and the Pretend President on Facebook confer:












The End.



Posted by Betty Cracker on 06/09/10 at 08:23 AM • Permalink

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this needs to go viral. posted on my FB account.

Brilliant, Betty!

Put Up or Shut Up, Sarah.

America needs a leader, not a backseat driver.

Simply gorgeous!

Betty FTW!

Love it!

(Although I think you have POTUS more restrained than he really would not after that conversation.)

Something along the lines of “plug that damn [pie] hole.”

@ Elisabeth

Where did that “not” come from?  Supposed to be “be.”  Need.more.coffee.

Amazing.  Although, as always, it’s hard to beat the comic stylings of She Who Uses Quotation Marks How She Sees Fit:

I was about run out of town in Alaska for what critics decried at the time as my “playing hardball with Big Oil,” and those same adversaries (both shortsighted Repubs and Dems) continue to this day to try to discredit my administration’s efforts in holding Big Oil accountable to operate ethically and responsibly.

Just like Palin to cite a criticism that’s 1) totally made-up, and 2) actually a compliment.  This is understandable, since she probably hears most criticisms as the wah-wah sound that teacher from Peanuts makes.

I liked how she plugged her experience as (half) governor of the biggest state in the nation.  Yeah, in, um, acreage.  Not so much in terms of actual population, cities, industries and stuff.

Oh,and, that was brilliant Betty!  Made my morning.

Just posted on Facebook! :-)

Btw, I think it would be BRILLIANT if Obama asked Palin to help out—and to see what she would do.

@marindenver —About the same population as Greater Pittsburgh, and the Federal Government actually owns most of the land. Plus, it’s an Oil Industry Dependency, very similar to Nigeria.

She should tone down the “Alaska” stuff. It’s not a great job reference, unless she’s auditioning to be President of Easter Island.

Brilliant job!

I’m seriously considering making this my homepage. It would be awesome to see this first thing every morning.

Freaking brylyunt! (Bows in general direction of Florida.)

Betty rocks harder than about 99% of the music videos that KK <strike>bothers</strike> graces us with.

We all know she wouldn’t know what to do or where to start.

That was pure bomb.

Betty rocks harder than about 99% of the music videos that KK <strike>bothers</strike> graces us with.

Whatever, Indigo Girl.

Keith Olberman needs this link!

Brilliant Betty, Keith Olberman just tweeted it! Fame and fortune awaits you!

That was brilliant!  That’s a conversation that NEEDS to take place!  She must be put in her place, she gets away with saying too many derogatory things about the President!  She can’t take it so don’t give it or someday be prepared for the consequences!  They say every action has a reaction!  Guess she never heard that, among many other things!


Perhaps she could take her bendy straw down to the Gulf and start sucking ...

Well played, Amy!

thank yew ... thankyewvurymuh ...

Fabulous!  let’s take it viral.

That’s about the f-cking size of it! Brilliant!

A BIG hit at http://www.palingates.blogspot.com.  Come join us!

Comment by Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel on 06/09/10 at 05:20 PM

Outta tha park!

That’s about the size of it. Well done Rumproast!


Very well done!

Terrific Betty! 

Back in civilization and happy to be able to visit rumproast again.

Welcome back, dewberry!

F’n love it

I might have to add you to my regular blog reads.  This was beyond wonderful!

dew!  Where’ve you been?  Glad to see you back.

Brilliant!  And probably not far from the reality of what would actually happen if he ever did call her, Trig would be released from the “prop room” and she’d pretend to be his Mom again.

Surely, on the day of final reckoning, he who is the I Am will look down on Mrs/Mr Cracker with a gratified smile playing across his lips and proclaim to the entirety of the cosmos assembled there, “Truly, this must stand as the finest of my creations,” based on nothing more than the gloriy that is this post.

Also, he will probably mention someting about pwnage and lulz, but that part won’t seem nearly as impressive.

Loved it, loved it, loved it, especially Barack at the end!  Classic!

Sheer genius.  Its on my FB wall.  Thanks to BalloonJuice for posting on his blog.  I had never seen RumpRoast but you’re now on my daily read list.  Thanks for the great laugh this morning!

I love Sarah’s tilted Batman Villain office.

“You’ll never get away with this, Moosewoman….”

Whoa… Sully just posted this.  Bring on the traffic!

Comment by seablue on 06/10/10 at 10:25 AM

I lol’d. Well done, Betty :-)

Okay, I’ve read this a zillion times and yet somehow missed the simple, exquisite comic genius of the period here:

“The President. Of the United States.”

Because of course Her Quitterness wouldn’t know without the clarification.


GREAT stuff, Betty!

You know what would happen in real life though, right? The POTUS would ask for ideas about how to cap the spill, and PPOFB would say “I’ll try to find some and bring ‘em to ya!”

It’s funny because it’s true. Classic.

Sad to say, $arah would prolly do exactly what you’ve depicted.  Alaska’s half-term quitter governor is a media whore who pimps her children.

POTUS doesn’t have a clue on how to handle the problem so he should ask Sarah for help. She sure as hell can’t do any worse.

She sure as hell can’t do any worse.

Wanna bet?

Humor fail.

Trolls are cute when they’re angry.

Humor fail.

We’ll be sure to let the 30,000 or so people who have checked it out know that.


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