President Obama in 1990 (Updated x2)

Man, I sure hope Breitbart’s Big Heirs have something more than this harmless little clip to unleash on the world this week:

‘Cause if this is all they got, that’s kind of sad. Aside from the ‘fro, Mr. President hasn’t changed a bit, has he?

UPDATE: Just to clarify, I don’t know what the Breitbartlettes are planning to release. It’s pure speculation on my part that it’s something totally innocuous like this. But at his final CPAC, Breitbart did mention something about “racial division” and tape from the president’s college years. And given the BigBamboozle organization’s propensity for deceptive editing and outright lying, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were even now busily splicing this vid with Malcolm X clips and conflating “diversity” with “get honky.” It’s how they roll.

UPDATE THE 2ND: OMFG! I was kidding about this being THE Breitbartocalypse tape, but apparently ‘tis true! As JenJen in comments put it: “Oh, this is rich… Breitbart’s surviving minions are claiming the video Ben Smith released to Buzzfeed ‘has been selectively edited.’ Hahahahahaha.”

[H/T: TPM; X-POSTED at Balloon Juice.]

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Wait, Obama is BLACK?! Who knew?

Oh, wow. I clicked play to see the hordes of rampaging, rioting, uh, urban people, storming through the town, dressed in dashikis and waving Mao’s little red book!

Huh, all I see are suburban people standing stock still (yes you, dorky white smiling college boy clutching sign) listening to the nice young black man in his Dockers and light blue chambray shirt natter on.

Perhaps the grieving Big heirs posted the wrong clip?

It’s funny, Obama’s “ties” to Derrick Bell have already been “exposed” here.

I think this is pretty cool, shows that he was politically active when he was in law school, not just some detached observer who sat back and let others take a stand.

Comment by JasonM on 03/07/12 at 01:14 PM

Laid-back and a charismatic orator even at that age!

People will no doubt see whatever reinforces their preconceptions and agendas in this.

From the Buzzfeed source linked at TPM:

... the future president speaks at a 1991 campus protest organized to demand tenure for minority and female law professors

I could practically write Loesch et al.‘s spin on that with my eyes shut. I don’t think it’ll lose Obama the election, but it’ll probably give the Pigford-humping crowd mass week-long conniptions which will be a sight to behold.

People will no doubt see whatever reinforces their preconceptions and agendas in this.

Ah, I see it’s begun in the BuzzFeed comments already (interspersed with sane putdowns from other commenters):

Rebecca Harris · Top Commenter
Well, that’s not the smoking gun I expected. But Obama’s speaking style was just as annoyingly pompous sounding back then as it is today.

Jacqueline West · Top Commenter · Mountain View, Hawaii
Where did you hear anyone say that he did not got to college? They just said that there is no records from his college days like who funded his education, grades, papers etc.. Heck we even know that Obama lived at the foreigner’s dorm with the Pakistanis.

Leigh Scott · University of Southern California
Um, yeah. This isn’t the Breitbart video. Funny though that as soon as the Right indicates that they have some tape, we all of a sudden get tape on the guy from 20 years ago. Weird how that works…

Cecil Wheeler
ofcourse he is into “diversity”, all liberal/socilistic/communist are,,,,,,, its why they cant stand ther “united” states,,,,, think on that.

Heh. Indeedy.

its why they cant stand ther “united” states,,,,, think on that.

Indeed, no diversity allowed in the land of <i>e pluribus unum</a>.


Well, I rather like that nice, respectful, neatly-dressed young man eloquently speaking in front of that dignified crowd of protesters.

What a fine, civic-minded young man!  If he ever runs for President of the United States one day, I may very well vote for him.

Quick, get a read on the identity of Yellow Sweater Sandwich Eating Guy… SOCIALISM!

UPDATE THE 2ND: OMFG! I was kidding about this being THE Breitbartocalypse tape, but apparently ‘tis true!

Excuse me, but


Even better, they were scooped by BuzzFeed! Loesch must be spitting.

It seems David Remnick wrote about this in his 2010 book ‘The Bridge’.  Obviously Breitbart followers had to wait for the movie version.

You know the good thing about this is I’m watching a 2010 documentary about Obama.

Progressives hated him at Harvard too.

Comment by Rebecca on 03/07/12 at 05:05 PM

Frontline issues full video lections-politics/the-story-behind-the-obama-law-school-spee ch-video/

Comment by Nellcote on 03/07/12 at 07:18 PM
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