President Obama to make a statement at 10:20 Eastern

The president will address the negotiations with the GOP Economic Suicide Bombers status of the debt ceiling negotiations. Here’s a live stream from the White House:


And here’s a link to the White House site in case that doesn’t work.

Consider this an open thread in which we can discuss things like canning tips, the bartering value of 12-gauge shotgun shells and other useful information.

*Now that the conference is over, I removed the live stream code. You can see it here if you missed it.

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Is it too late here in the northeast to start a survival garden?  I bought seeds but was too lazy to plant them earlier.

It kinda bugged me that he didn’t offer the choice of just raising the debt limit and debating the budget during the, you know, budget debate. Are there enough House votes to raise the ceiling without any crap loaded on it?

Twinky, you need to find 20 republicans in the house who care more about the United States than about either the Republican party or their own reëlection.

So probably not.

Are there enough House votes to raise the ceiling without any crap loaded on it?

No. They don’t want to raise the debt limit at all. They just want the crap.

So, since there’s no time to craft any sort of bill, default is a go? Frak. And here I am with the worst veggie season in years, not to mention, my company has asked us to take a week of furlough this month. Sigh.

What do y’all think is the likelihood of Obama invoking the 14th Amendment option to avoid default? I’ve read pro and con arguments on whether or not it would stand.

It seems to me that if people can use the mysterious allusions to militias in the 2nd Amendment as grounds to keep selling automatic weapons and high-capacity gun clips to psychopaths, the president could get away with using the 14th Amendment to keep the Economic Suicide Bombers from blowing up the economy.

But it’s probably a moot point anyway. As Strange pointed out earlier, the economy was already limping along on the strength of illusions, and the Economic Suicide Bombers have now disabused the world of the notion that the United States is capable of rational governance. Oh well. Nice experiment while it lasted!

What do y’all think is the likelihood of Obama invoking the 14th Amendment option to avoid default? I’ve read pro and con arguments on whether or not it would stand.

Lawrence Tribe doesn’t think it would hold up, but Big Dog and Steny Hoyer say go for it.

Personally, I don’t think it would buy us any credibility with ratings agencies and it might trigger a Tea Party impeachment attempt. But it would be a great opportunity for Obama to try out that black beret and wraparound sunglasses. 

I already have a post graphic prepared for it, so I’m ready either way.

I don’t think there’s the least chance he’ll do it, and as one of those who railed against the imperial presidency under Bush, I don’t think he should.

This mess belongs to congress, let them fix it.

I’m annoyed that he didn’t ask for a clean debt ceiling lift just because it is a necessary antecedent for arguing that the Democrats have already conceded a ton just being willing, in the Reid bill, to accept tying drastic budgeting issues to a pro forma debt ceiling lift.

I wish he’d come out and said very slowly and clearly to all of America: the debt ceiling/default problem could be solved in one minute if the Republican House took America’s full faith and credit as seriously when paying our bills as they did when running those bills up.  The debt ceiling vote is about nothing more than signing our name to pay for the bills we’ve already run up.

Then, and only then, apologizing to the American people for the criminal malfeasance of the Republican House, should he have said “in the interest of the American people, on behalf of our good name and credit, the Democrats have come up with a wide variety of compromise solutions to enable the Republican party to get what it says it wants.  We are heading way past compromise at this point and into disaster. “


I, personally, want him to raise the debt ceiling on his own. But I want McConnell and Boehner to have to go to him on bended knee, in public, and ask him to do it.

He did make the point that raising the debt ceiling was about money already spent by congress rather than spending going foreward.

I’m leaning more toward a last minute clean bill, because I really don’t think Obama wants to go through the blowback of the 14th Am. thingy. Even if technically “legal” it would be easy for ‘baggers to scream “tyranny.” I trust Pelosi will be ready with her caucus on Tuesday and Obama will try to help the GOP save face because that’s what he does. I like him and hate him for that on alternate days…

I’m annoyed that he didn’t ask for a clean debt ceiling lift

He did.

I also think if Obama demanded a clean bill, that would kill it, which is why he won’t do it.

He did.

Did he ask for one in this latest speech? I haven’t watched it yet.

I think aimai meant he didn’t ask for it in this statement

Yeah, he asked 2 months ago, which is why he’s avoiding it now; but he didn’t make clear that option’s still available. Sure, he explained what the debt ceiling is, Nellcote, and that was good, but he didn’t say, “and we could solve it all now with a one page bill and talk budget later.” To me, it sounded like there were no other choices. Yeah, I’m whining about what he didn’t say. Crap!

I know that Obama asked for a clean lift originally and several times since then but I’m talking specifically about this little speech that he just gave at ten am this morning.  Because the public still doesn’t know what is going on. The public needs to have the basic point re-iterated over and over and over again. Especially if Obama ends up having to do an end run around a recalcitrant house. And even if what happens is that Reid’s plan is somehow forced on the House.

I don’t know what everyone is thinking. Boehner’s last ditch efforts with this go nowhere bill could be a massive head fake on his part and the White House might believe that Boehner will turn around after breaking all these heads and twisting all these arms and say to 30 of the “moderate” repubs “OK, lets vote with Pelosi’s democrats and just accept the Reid bill and never work with our teaparty friends again.”  But I’m not seeing it.  I think Boehner’s gone mad. And if Boehner and Cantor won’t bring Reid or McConnell’s bill to the House floor at all nothing can be done. Kaput. Or if they bring it and they can’t get 30 Repubs.

Its looking more and more to me like a) a clean ceiling that enables the Republicans to keep trashing the country through the budgeting process would be the most palatable to Boehner’s crew *because they see Reid’s bill as too Obama friendly even though its not*.  Or, b) there’s simply no choice and Obama and the treasury will have to act.


I also think if Obama demanded a clean bill, that would kill it, which is why he won’t do it.

Good point. He ought to come out and demand the abolition of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, call for a constitutional amendment to abolish the IRS and ban gay marriage at the state level and require gun ownership for every citizen regardless of age. Oh, and ask Congress for authorization to invade Iran and a declaration that the US is, was and always has been a Christian nation. The Tea Party would go all Weather Underground on us by nightfall.

Sorry, aimai. I misunderstood.

In any event, a lot of Dems voted against the clean bill, too…which might tend to muddy the “it would be so simple if the GOP stopped playing partisan games” narrative.

Strange, I agree with you and Betty that if he wants to get the Republicans to do something like a clean bill he has to stay away from it. But I also feel like the one thing Obama lacks is a good sense of “Always Be Closing.”  I know its largely a stylistic thing—he’s always looking for a way to help his opponent save face, to lower the tension in the room, etc… And that’s a good negotiating strategy for some negotiations.  But to the extent that he’s trying, at this point, to shape a larger national narrative that will point voters inescapably to the conclusion that the Republican party is fucking dangerous to our health I think he keeps missing an opportunity to always leave the viewer with one great line ringing in their ears.  I could be wrong but I’ve never had to spend so much time explaining to confused voters what just happened—and that’s as true for Obama’s own supporters as for people who oppose him. He’s just a little too vague and non directive.


We’re screwed. Boehner can’t get past the Teabaggers and Cantor is just wating in the wings with an axe.

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