Profiles in Courage (Not)

Willard is taking some flak from folks who observed the way he left the rabid neo-con he’d hired as a foreign policy spokesman twisting in the wind when the rabid anti-gay bigots in Willard’s party hung a “NO FAGS!” sign on the GOP clubhouse.

One of the several Sears mannequins deployed by the Romney campaign argued that Willard does TOO have the balls to push back against wingnut bigotry:

“Mitt Romney has confronted those voices of intolerance,” Fehrnstrom said. “He did it last October on stage at the Values Voters summit and denounced some of the poisonous language that is being used by some of the same people that had criticized Ric Grennel’s appointment.”

Yeah, when the talibangelicals go after Willard as a heretic for his Mormonism, he can be arsed to fire back. But when they go after someone on his staff for being gay, Willard regretfully accepts the man’s resignation. Face it, centrists: Martin Niemöller he ain’t.

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Face it, centrists: Martin Niemöller he ain’t.

Sure he is - according to the quote, Niemöller stood by and let the Nazis cart everyone off without a peep.

(tho if you’re talking about the REAL Martin Niemöller, I agree.)

Defending Mormonism is an in-bred social value for a hive-minder like Mitt; gays, eh - not so much.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks this is a really big deal. If some creep told me to fire one of my employees because they didn’t like their choice of partners they would either get laughed at or the back of my hand depending on my mood.

And when they came for me, I was wearing my Magic Underwear, so I was protected.

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