Projection Always, Constantly

Wow, ever see an ad which absolutely floors you with the sheer level of projection that it embodies?  Today, Pupienus, the food pr0n obsessed emperor of Portland linked to a Republican PAC in a comment at Sadly, No!, which led me to this wonderful ad: 

Holy Hannah, that is some serious, serious projection on the part of GOPTrust PAC… in the context of an ad which claims that Democrats use words to manipulate the public into voting for them, the ad actually uses the Frank Luntz tested neologism “Democrat Party”.  Tellingly, the ad only references three examples of “tested” words- “extremists”, “hope”, and “change”.  Meanwhile, the Republicans have brought us such terms as “death tax, “death panels”, “job creators”, and “religious freedom”.  Once again, it’s all about projection with these wingnuts.

To cap it all off, the ad is narrated by someone using a kitschy Kissenger faux German accent (is he supposed to sound like the stereotypical cartoon psychiatrist?), and the ad veers off into a Godwin’s Law violation. 

It’s a strange ad, more ridiculous than effective.  In this post Poe’s Law political reality, it’s impossible to tell if it’s a really bad ad by a genuine Republican PAC, or if it’s a really good act of political sabotage on the part of a culture-jamming Democratic Party operative.  At any rate, it’s not manipulating anyone.

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To cap it all off, the ad is narrated by someone using a kitschy Kissenger faux German accent

Thereby preempting the celebration of an old zinger of Molly Ivins’.

Looks like mostly tribal signifying for the ‘my country, right or wrong’ set. 

My dad just sent me some internet BS that was supposedly from “Pravda, - the english language version”, about how ‘capitalism - gone in a whimper’ is all Obama’s fault.  A Snopes expedition led to some interesting factoids: Pravda, the old Soviet propaganda rag, went out of business in 1991, but the name was picked up and is now the name of a Russian tabloid newpaper, so this piece is basically from a Russian version of National Enquirer.  The original piece is from a January 2009 blogspot post by a Russian conservative named Mat Rodina, who currently has a post up about how stupid/hilarious Russian liberals are, and who thinks Obama is the American Lenin, along with some other truly crazy shit. 

What my dad liked about the post was how ‘Pravda could freely print this TRUTH, but the lieberal US media won’t let this TRUTH be told!’.  A cursory review of the original author’s blog suggests someone about as tin-foil-ish as the average US wingnut blogger, so I guess I can see the appeal….

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