I think some of you may want to call into (or at least listen to) Tommy & Christina’s Blog Talk Radio show tonight.  Who knows, I may have a thing or two to unload.  If you’re really lucky my lovely wife Chris may unleash one of her BTR rants heard ‘round the world. Then again, we may just go check out the wonderful new bar that just opened up in our neighborhood.  Either way, it’s a win for us. Now excuse me while I get back to cleaning our apartment, while listening to the impenetrably stupendous Danny Stiles, for our annual Super Bowl party.

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I’ll be there in some capacity.

What time does it start?

11:00 Eastern.  9:00 your time.

How about a link to the stream and the phone number.

I know,I’m picky picky picky.

sheesh remind me not to hire you guys for my astounding promotional department

Here you go, Scoots! /01/Unusable-Signal-Tommy-Christopher-and-Christina-Cedeno

You Rock, see ya on the stream.

Live Blog here?

There’s a live chat on the blog radio site!

Brad sez its an all-American story about one woman who sees wrong and steps into the fray to right it.

The blogtalk login is fighting me. I’ll keep trying, but I really only want to get into the chat to kick Scooter’s ass. It just galls him that Brad and I are dating. ;->

He did mention that in the chat, Strange, lol.

The blogtalk login is fighting me.

It pissed me off too, but I hung in there, Will Bower has now joined, just keep doing it till it works, or

opohh wait

are you logging in from a leather bar with Brad?

Buy him an Iron City for me

I’ll get you yet, Scooter.

Oh, and I have to both thank you and apologize for not being able to respond to your invitation last week. I’ll give you a call.

Blogtalk Radio just THREW me off the Internet, twice. First a voice says “Blogtalk Radio”, and then I’m sitting on the sidewalk outside, blinking stupidly. I’m going back in, but this time if that bouncer tries any funny stuff, he’s going to get sapped.

Mrs. Polly, blogtalkradio is one of the most frustrating technologies ever conceived.

The good news is, this broadcast isn’t exactly Orson Welle’s “War of the Worlds.”

Mrs Polly,if you have free long distance, you can call in and listen on the phone and maybe they’ll even take your call

Well, “Unusable Signal” is well named. I didn’t even have time to swing my flail.

Thank you guys. Mr. Polly is presently playing counselor to one of his flock (”...well, what if he isn’t interested in badminton, would that be a deal-breaker?”)on the real phone. I may try the sad underpowered cel. But if I can’t get through, be dears and give Brad a big wet kiss for me—I don’t think he’ll be getting many from the critics.

Brad sez its an all-American story about one woman who sees wrong and steps into the fray to right it.

If she sees wrong, wouldn’t it have been simpler to visit an opthamologist?

Allan, it would have been simpler for everybody!

What a fool I am. I didn’t realize that “fray” is slang for poop.

And apparently “wrong” is slang for “a black man winning an election.”

You were missed Mrs. P and Strange!

And Kevin must have gone to the bar.

Brad sez its an all-American story about one woman who sees wrong and steps into the fray to right it.

Like Tokyo Rose?

Oh, dear me.  I watched a movie rather than try and log into this discussion about the epic <strike>fail</strike> documentary about the, what did Mrs. P. say?  Oh, Opacity of Pumocracy.  Sounds like most correctly minded people kind of got bumped off of it anyway. Is this subtitled “Darragh’s Excellent Adventure”?  (h/t Mrs. P - RR’s newest blog star - yes, you heard it here first!)

Yay! for Mrs. P.  This blog keeps getting better and better.

As far as the show - Brad is pretty reasonable, but wife and co-producer Lori is wedded with the PUMA talk.

Will Bower was in the chat.  #####, Cello, Cube and I pretty much owned him.

Will Bower was in the chat.  #####, Cello, Cube and I pretty much owned him.

DAMN, I wish I had not missed that!  Is there a tape of it to listen to?  ;-)

Yes, you should be able to get the podcast at the same link in the morning.

Great, thanks.  Will head off to bed now.

I was unable to participate, but—based on what I heard—I can’t wait until a used AUD disc set becomes available, several years from now. ;->

But, seriously…I was hoping for a little more in the way of tasty behind-the-scenes revelations of cat-fights, drug use, petty embezzlement and off-screen romances that turned ugly…or at least some location-shooting war stories.

Perhaps I ask too much of life.

Unfortunately Strange, whatever dirt was only referred to in couched, insider speak by Tommy and Brad.  There was a catfight alluded to - something that happened that made the group split on the Thursday night in Denver.

Too bad! I kept trying, but I felt like a cardinal repeatedly flying into a plate glass window. 

Thank you mar and gimme for being so welcoming. I hardly have any performance anxiety at all.

They referred to that catfight obliquely on the last leg of Brad’s Blogtalk grand publicity tour. I forced myself to sit through it—-for some reason THAT came in clear as an air hammer—and I learned 3 important things:

1. Some of that fight is in the film, at least, because they all agreed Pumas are human, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
2. Barack Obama was the Republican stealth candidate, meant to keep Hillary from becoming president and instituting universal health care.
(tendrils of buyer’s remorse are clutching my heart like a strangler fig!)
3. That Marshall McCluhan scene with Woody Allen is hilarious. We’ve all wanted to have that happen , haven’t we?

I got there 12 min before the show ended. I was kind of disappointed that Tommy, the host right?

Was kind of too agreeable with them towards the end (the parts I heard).

I still don’t understand the PUMAs’ hatred/dislike for the Obamas.

Will said it wasn’t about Obama for him (which I don’t believe), but still what’s the hangups towards the Obamas that PUMAs have towards them.

Also I went on the chat (I got there late) I was sunny11.

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