Putin and the Patriarch


Interesting article at Buzzfeed (yes, I know) on why Putin is transforming Russia into a homophobia hub. Putin’s fondness for orchestrating shirtless, macho photo-ops that would be ideal for the cover of a romance novel (if you Photoshopped a more handsome head onto that ripped, well-preserved body) has led to speculation that Putin has latency issues.

But the Buzzfeed article makes a pretty solid case for a more prosaic motivation: Just like a common American wingnut, Putin is leveraging heartland fundamentalism, bigotry and provincialism to improve his political fortunes. Maybe that’s what George W. Bush saw when he famously looked into Putin’s eyes and found a kindred spirit.

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The post-communism revolution has been all about taking the national patrimony and resources, and placing them in the hands of a very few, very wealthy oligarchs.  So they have that in common too.

Ah, to look in those lizard eyes, and see a reflection of one’s lizard soul.

Putin’s Russia—bringing you all the worst points of Communism AND the Tsars, in one package!

Hey, I’m in as good a shape as Putin, and I have a better head.

Why do you think Mrs. Polly is after me?

I think Putin is tightening up on the homos because we are expanding liberty and possibilities for our gay brothers and sisters.

If we were tightening the screws, Putin would be trying to initiate a new gay Zeitgeist simply to counter our initiative.

One of the things that clarified international diplomacy for my wife and me was when we realized that it was all just like high school.

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