Putin Steals Snowden’s Laptop During Moscow Layover


MOSCOW – June 23, 2013 – NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden left Hong Kong on an Aeroflot flight to Moscow. His ultimate destination is thought to be Venezuela by way of Havana. However, during Snowden’s Moscow stopover, he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who stole his laptop.

“He said he wanted to see my laptop, so I showed it to him in the airport lounge,” said Snowden. “Putin picked it up and said, ‘I could kill someone with this.’”

“I reached out to take it back, but his secret service guys surrounded him, and he walked out of the airport with my fucking laptop!” Snowden continued. “Son of a bitch!”

Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald did not immediately respond to a request for comments.

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Haha! And Putin ran back and stashed it with his Superbowl ring!

Then Putin offered Snowden a replacement laptop.

Comment by MaryRC on 06/23/13 at 02:12 PM

Hello, can I speak to Mr. Snowden?

I’m from Microsoft Windows and we’ve been receiving signals that your computer has errors and is running slowly ....

I am not allowed to simply lol, so I will tell you I am lolling so the database can stop telling me that it can’t take my comment at this time.

I am lolling.


Putin just wanted to find pictures of Snowden’s pole dancing girlfriend.

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