Quick Thoughts on Last Night

Busy day today, so here goes:

I thought Barack Obama rocked it hard last night and from the polling I’ve seen this morning (one example here), a vast majority of the American public agrees with me.  He deftly boxed the Republicans in so well that the only direction they had left to go was to the extreme right, which will only hurt them down the road. Bobby Jindal, on the other hand, was a steaming pile of suck. He looked like he was reading a children’s book, not delivering the GOP response. And as Rachel Maddow so humorously pointed out last night, his frequent references to Katrina were boneheaded at best. If Jindal, Sarah Palin and Michael Steele represent the future of the Republican party, they are deeply, deeply fucked.

UPDATE: I knew the dainty (but extremely sexy) NewsBusterettes would be getting a case of the vapors over this after I heard it live.

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I was howling with laughter at Maddow’s initial response. But back to steaming piles of suck—K-Lo at America’s Shittiest Website (TM) misinterpreted Maddow’s speechlessness to mean she (Maddow) was somehow impressed with Jindal’s speech. I did not get a screen cap, damn it all, and now K-Lo has updated the remark to include the words “Mocking Jindal.” But the nimrod initially took it as a good sign. That’s some quantum stoopit they’ve got over there.

I think the Republicans can sew it all up for 2012 with 3 things:  Palin, Jindal and one-armed midgets.

I will do everything in my power to insure a Palin/Jindal ticket in ‘12.

Which is to say I’ll do nothing.

Their only real hope at this point is Huckabee and that is so very sad for them.  Really, who else is there?  Mittens?

Barring some kind of unforseen disaster or scandal, I’m willing to predict that the 2010 mid-terms will be the official signing of the GOP death certificate.

We’ll see the return of the two party system in 2016 or 2020, when the Democratic supermajority splits into progressive and moderate factions.

The current Republican model is completely broken down, tired, and lacking any coherent message.  This is an ex party.

The current Republican model is completely broken down, tired, and lacking any coherent message.

I think they do have a message - cut taxes for rich people and businesses - it’s just so not relevant or workable.  And it is definitely an ex party.


Dumb and Plumber in 2012!

Please don’t tell the Republicans, but their best candidate is actually Governor Jon Huntsman of Utah.  He’s a Mormon without being too big of a douchebag about it, and he speaks Mandarin because he did his mission in Taiwan.  Oh, and he recently supported a campaign in favor of same-sex civil unions. 

Which means he will probably be exiled from the party any minute now…

The absolute best part of last night was checking in on the wingnuts who were live-blogging Jindal’s address.

You could literally hear the air coming out of the tires on the Jindal 2012 Express.

The best of many great lines at LGF:

I told everyone at work to watch Jindal.

I’m an idiot.

Wait, I didn’t see one goddamned minute of Obama or the Exorcist, but what were you people watching? Didn’t you see that uppity, inadequate black male assault Hillary? He nearly forced his tongue down her throat while groping and tugging at her!!1111!!!!! No wonder that little speech-writer fuck thinks he can rape Hillary, he just needs to watch the usurper!!!!eleventy

My favorite comment on Obama vs. Jindal was one sent in to Andrew Sullivan today:

Talking to a witty, politically tuned-in co-worker this morning about the speech and response last night.  His summation: “That was like watching Will Smith vs. Urkle ...  Who do you think the American people are going to listen to?”

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