Quite Possibly the Shortest-lived Hostage to Fortune Ever [UPDATED X2]

In the late-election frenzy with only some ten hours of queuing to go, in a fit of preemptive footstamping spite, some of the Borg have their sights firmly trained on the REAL enemy—the messenger, Nate Silver—with the upcoming launch by “a team of GOP techies” of the blockbuster website Nate Silver Wrong!


It’s been slow to catch on so far, just about the only place embracing it at the moment being Free Republic, where the stakes are clear:

To: D-fendr

Not only is NAte finished but we can forever show that PPP, ABC, CBS, WaPo,CNN, NYT, Huffpo, Politico , Kos, DU , etc are wrong.

We will win much more than the WH.

It would be the end of the DNC’s MSM’s campaign arm.

posted on 06 November 2012 07:24:39 by NoLibZone (If the black experience is about being hated, I know more about it than Whoppi does I’m a Republican)


I love that some geek dweeb without a clue is going to help take down the Dem establishment and turn chicago into a smoking heap. Wonder how they’ll reward him when it’s over? Muslim beheading?

posted on 06 November 2012 11:18:36 by gotribe (He’s a mack-daddy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV415yit7Zg)

Can I get a HUZZAH!?

A quick Whois search confirms the shadowy entity behind this groundbreaking initiative:

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http://www.godaddy.com)


With less than two nailbiting hours before the site goes fully live, you can fill the time by following the excitable @natesilverwrong as he flirts with Dick Morris, or searching the #natesilverwrong hashtag, which was trending heavily with four whole tweets at time of writing, or visit Nate Silver Wrong on Facebook, which currently has 21 “likes.”

Or, I don’t know, have a catnap before tonight, go vote, make some GOTV calls ...

Meanwhile, the ultra-manly Dean Chambers of UnSkewedPolls.com has butchly made “The FINAL Definitive Projection of the race”:

Final Projection: Romney 275 electoral votes to Obama 263 electoral votes

There’s probably not enough eggs to go round.


As promised—whoopeedoo—the site is now fully live, featuring the combined wisdom of Michael Gerson, David Brooks, Jonah Goldberg, Joe Scarborough, Dylan Byers, and Margaret Sullivan, all of whom were apparently unconscious during the 2008 and 2010 elections, but sadly not this one.



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Who’s “Whoppi”?

Burger King’s equivalent of the Hamburglar.

Nate Silver’s maternal grandfather is probably named Emmanuel Goldstein.

The lifeblood of the Republican Party is ignorance.

Nate Silver’s maternal grandfather is probably named Emmanuel Goldstein.

Who’s “Whoppi”?

Nate’s cousin—Whoppi Goldstein.

It’s freaking CRAZY out there if my Twitter feed is any indication. Meanwhile, on Lose It!, no one’s experienced any problems yet. lol

http://tv.msnbc.com/2012/11/06/machine-turns-vote-for-o bama-into-one-for-romney/

Ummm .... I thought this was America. I just drove into work and past a polling place and I swear I saw a black man I know (in fact, everyone knows him, he’s one of like, six or seven black folks who live up thisaway), a Latina I know (‘cause she owns my favorite Mexican restaurant) and a lady I am pretty sure was Asian/pinko-commie-Chinese-or-maybe-Vietcongese standing in line to vote.

I thought blacks, browns and unholy shades of tan/euchre/brown were not even allowed outside on a day dedicated to a national vote, what happened to America?

what happened to America?

We, the Soros Socialism Ninjas, along with our nefarious partners in subversion, the New Black Panther Party Clone Army and the Nth Dimension Poll Skewers (we don’t skew the polls!  we skew reality), have replaced your Real America with NuAmerica while you slept, blissfully unaware of our plots and space-time manipulation.

Black is now white, and up is now down.  Have fun hanging on to the ground for dear life while we steal all of your Jet-Skis and significant others,  BWAHAHA, HAHAHA, HAHA.

from the tweet machine:

Erin McPike‏@ErinMcPike
According to GOP sources on the ground, Romney camp’s “ORCA” turnout app has crashed, so they can’t monitor their turnout operation.

Erin McPike‏@ErinMcPike
And of note: the Obama campaign’s app crashed in 2008. Romney’s camp modeled theirs after the old Obama system

Dumb question: Polls JUST closed in Georgia. So how are they already calling some states? Wouldn’t it take a little more time?

I’m kinda boggled. :P

*reminds self* A lot of the south has historically voted GOP. Romney ahead right now means nothing.

There’s no reason to freak out. There’s not.

“Website temporarily unavailable.”


It may have imploded under the weight of gloating. :0)

Funnily enough, the Facebook page and Twitter account have also gone *poof*


I hope you pick your nose better than you can pick the electoral college.  Looks like Nate was spot-on, LOSERS!!  And the natesilverwrong.com website is already gone! COWARDS!!!


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