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From Paul Krugman [via Bob Cesca]:

Keeping Fannie and Freddie fully engaged in the mortgage-support business is one of the few tools available to prop up a still very weak economy. And so they’re doing it.

And here’s the requisite instructional video for the increasingly irrational teaprogger brigade on how to react to Krugman’s Kool-Aid quaffing, Messiah-worshiping, Rahm-loving, corporatist crapola…

RELATED: Reading this post and the entire comment thread was entirely therapeutic. Thanks, TS.

Posted by Kevin K. on 12/29/09 at 08:45 AM • Permalink

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When will Obama realize that Rahm is still working for the Clintons?

Also, he is Jewish, which is just so wrong in so many ways.

Strange, Obama is gonna be sorry when Rahm asks for that whole “pound of flesh” thing.

Also: I think Fannie and Freddie should be allowed to collapse now, while I’m still young enough to enjoy all the misery, burning and looting that will surely ensue.

After that, an unencumbered free market will no doubt create jobs and prosperity for the survivors, just like it does in the Dominican Republic and Yemen.

Strange, the place to be is Somalia.

Comment by Oblomova on 12/29/09 at 12:20 PM

mclaren over there sums it up nicely:

We have to deal with reality, not some imaginarium of Doctor Perfect. A lot of what Obama has done sucks, and it sucks because out here in the real world that’s about the best anyone could’ve gotten in a lunatic political environment where the Republicans lead kamikaze filibusters against every single frickin’ bill every Democrat introduces in the Senate.

I’m pretty sure Obama injected me with a poison where if I don’t vote for Democrats in 2010, my head explodes.

Also Avatar is totally an allegory for Obama’s invasion of Yemen.

Reading this post and the entire comment thread was entirely therapeutic.

Emopants is so the new *it* word.

Krugman’s a gentleman, but I think that’s his way of telling FDL to go fuck itself.

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