Rabid Hillary Dead-Enders: A Special Kinda Stupid

Oh my, in their never-ending desperate attempts to take down Obama with anything they find, the most loathsome of the Hillshills are now trying to make the notion stick that the Randi Rhodes appearance where she called Hillary and Gerry Ferraro “fucking whores” was an Obama fundraiser and sanctioned by the campaign.  That claim (or inference) is patently false.  The event was organized by San Franciso’s AM radio station Green 960 and they have a page on their web site with a fact sheet about the event (“Money raised went to Green960.”) and a video of Rhode’s entire routine (not an Obama poster or banner or anything in sight). Now here’s a link to the user-generated event page that started the dunderheaded “Obama must apologize!!!” fury:

Come join other Bay Area Obama supporters for an evening with Air America host Randi Rhodes!

She was quieter in her support earlier in the primary season, but this week Randi Rhodes has been on fire with her passion for Obama (and disappointment/anger with his opponent). Today (3/7), she spent nearly her whole show urging people to get to Pennsylvania or to call Pennsylvania on behalf of Senator Obama.

Let’s show her some Bay Area love and have a chance to get together socially as well. Spend your afternoon phonebanking and then join us (in Obamawear of course) for a great evening. Doors open at 5:30 pm, event is at 6:00 pm.

This event is $5 at the door, and you sign-up in advance via Green 960 radio station’s website.

After the event, we can all head to a place in the neighborhood for drinks and organizing for winning Pennsylvania, the nomination and the White House.

So this person (not a staffer) who has an account at my.barackobama.com (something anyone can do) merely urged fellow Obama-supporters to attend the show.  That’s it.  Period. He didn’t say it was an Obama fundraiser (it wasn’t).  He didn’t write, “Come on down and hear Randi call Hillary a fucking whore!” He was merely encouraging people to come to an event (which anyone can set up at my.barackobama.com) of a radio talk show host he enjoys.  Done.  Right? 

Hells no.  Let’s cue the stupid.

[Example one] Nashville is Talking:

The event sponsor’s website (KKGN 960 AM) doesn’t appear to mention the March 22 event or what it was for. This forum posting promoted a KKGN sponsored event for Obama supporters featuring Air America’s Randi Rhodes on March 22 at Broadway Studios in San Francisco. The link to a KKGN webpage provided in the post no longer works. That event was organized by Obama supporter Douglas Sabo through Barack Obama’s official campaign website


And then, directly following that paragraph which blatantly lies about how Douglas Sabo organized the event, Nashville is Talking, which is affiliated with Nashville TV station WKRN, published Sabo’s employer and job title. How very Malkin-like.

[Example two] Little Otter’s diary at MyHRC:

Rhodes Diatribe Performed At Obama Fundraiser

Holy Mother Of Sweet Potatos - Rhandi Rhodes disgraceful “Hillary Clinton is a fucking whore” routine was performed at a fundraiser for Barack Obama.


This rhetoric was fully sanctioned by the Obama campaign. How do we know? Because they didn’t get ahead of this story and tell people when the story broke that this routine was performed at a sold out fundraiser for his campaign.  He was willing to let Rhandi take the full heat on this, when the responsibility lies with him.

Read the whole thing including the comments section in which Little Otter repeatedly has his/her nose rubbed in the truth and continues to either play dumb. as. dirt. or shamelessly dissemble.  For their sake I’m hoping it’s the latter because anyoneacting that stupid in most cases really is that stupid.

[Example three] You had to see this coming from a mile away ... SusanUnPC from No Quarter:

Here’s what she originally posted:


Here’s the updated version:

UPDATE: I demand that Barack Obama remove all funds, if any, received from the Randi Rhodes event from his campaign treasury, and give those funds to charity. If — and we are still investigating this — the money collected at the door, and any other monies possibly collected that evening — went into Barack Obama’s campaign fund (money that came from the pro-Obama supporters who applauded, roared, and cheered while Ms. Rhodes uttered those vile, filthy, and profane words about Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro). We are investigating further.

Notice that she’s added that they’re “investigating” this. I can hardly wait for the results (something tells me I’ll be waiting for a very long time). The Hillshills have also gotten very adept at funneling their bullshit through Fox News, their new favorite channel, and SusanUnPC joyfully posted a video of John Gibson (yes, that John Gibson) calling for Obama to apologize for Rhodes’ comments:

The deal is that was an Obama event. It was promoted on his web site and she was the headliner and it was an Obama fundraiser.

If you ever needed proof that Hillshills are nothing more than newly-minted wingnuts, look no further. The Charles Johnson and Roger L. Simon’s of yesterday are the Little Otter and SusanUnPC’s of today.  Everything changed after the coronation derailed.

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Ho ho ho! Brilliant.
In that Susan unpc thread Larry makes the wonderfully patronizing comment we ALL need to keep in mind with the pinch of salt…

“Please enlighten us oh wise one. I don’t put up a damn thing on my blog that I don’t support or endorse. Are you finally conceding that I am smarter than Barack?”

Does that mean he supports and endorses the comment further down -

“Comment by yellowdogdemocrat | 2008-04-04 22:27:04

Obamapologists are just a bunch of wife beaters. Notice how they get off on the statement Randi Rhodes made? They are pimps looking for whores.”


Honestly. I mean…HONESTLY!

This whole notion that Obama is somehow responsible PERSONALLY for every single opinion, thought, word that comes out of someones mouth reaches new highs of ridculosity. Surrogates on the record sure, but individual citizens at unaffiliated public events? Irrational, shrill, gloating “gotcha” nonsense. I suppose thats what happens when you listen to too much Hannity.

Un-fucking-believable… god, they’re just precious, aren’t they?

Where were these folks with their outrage and their energy in 2004?

What is SusanUnPC’s job, anyways?  She seems to have ungoldy amounts of time to devote to spreading any sort of pro-Hillary/anti-Obama propaganda.  One wonders of some Hiillary money isn’t finding its way into her purse.

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