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If you thought that the GOP’s latest spanking might cause any movement conservatives to silence their inner sociopaths you’d be wrong, wrong, wrong.  Timeouts for introspection have expired and a goodly portion of Republican politicians and pundits are still noticeably mental . . .

Here’s a little audio/video round-up of the crazy that still has the Republican Party firmly in its grip . . .

First up:  Here’s Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. alternately wringing his hands and clutching his pearls because society, as we know it, will change “forever,” (anthropologically, no less), if Washington state moves forward with creating gender-neutral marriage certificates.  [While watching this, keep reminding yourself that this man has a law degree]

Next, we have perennial wingnut Louie Gohmert (R-Out There) giving John Boehner what for about his leadership skills on the Lars Larsen (not the character from Prairie Home Companion) talk radio show. 

Louie thinks:

“We’ve got the guys with the good ideas [Boy Blunder?]. Unfortunately, we’re not leading with them. We’re playing defense and going, ‘Well, we might agree to more revenue.  I hate the metaphor kicking the can down the road, but good grief, it looks like we can’t stop ourselves. That’s why I nominated a different speaker.’”*

[*Gohmert is referring, of course, to his novel nomination, this month, of Newt Gingrich for House Speaker.]

Earlier this month, Gohmert predicted that wealthy people will move out of the country—and the middle class will suffer—if Republican leaders don’t extend all of the Bush tax cuts at the end of the year.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see a mass exodus of Plutocrats if their Bush tax cuts expire, but it’s worth exploring . . .

Next up—what would a roundup of wingnuts be without Charles Krauthammer’s gnarly opinions?  This one, though, is bound for the Wingnut Hall of Fame— during a panel chinwag on “Special Report” with Bret Baier, Krauthammer compared the White House’s opening proposal in the fiscal cliff negotiations to the surrender terms offered General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House to conclude the Civil War.

I know . . .  but it’s true:

Last but not least, just to keep us in the “holiday” spirit, we have all-round good sport Gov. Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island appearing on the O’Reilly Factor.  O’Reilly has scheduled a gang of sparring partners for his annual War Against Christmas campaign.  The night before, Bill-O brawled with an atheist and was all prepared to play with Chaffee like a cat with a half-dead mouse over his state’s “Holiday Tree.”

But Chaffee let Bill-O rant then pulled a “Tom Ricks” on O’Reilly, which is great fun to watch:

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Oh, Krauthammer, we’ll always take time out of our days to insult you and the Congressional Republicans, because you’re worth it.

Also too, didja hear what Orange John said during his reelection acceptance speech?

Louie, I love you too.

BWAHAHAHA!  I can’t wait to watch their caucus eat itself this term.

Comment by Lowkey on 11/30/12 at 01:32 PM

Keep an eye on the Supremes today. They could decide the fate of same-sex marriage, hopefully by not hearing the dispute over Prop 8 here in California

Comment by HumboldtBlue on 11/30/12 at 02:34 PM

I sure hope the ‘baggers beat Boehner.

As for the Rhode Island Holiday Tree, I’m sure looking forward to the decorations put up by the Church of Starry Wisdom.

They’re gonna run out of pearls and fainting couches long before Xmas at this rate.  Boehner & Co are all fainting all over the capitol at the audacity of Bam to send over a moderately progressive proposal for avoiding the proverbial fiscal cliff come January.

Can I just say, Charles Krauthammer over tweezes his brows and used too much botox? That man looks…WEIRD. And plastic faced.

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