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A short clip of this Stones song was featured in “Argo.” The lyrics are obviously the result of a prolonged heroin binge, but the song rocks nonetheless:

In a comment on an Oscars thread yesterday, Robin G praised “Moonrise Kingdom.” I’d been meaning to see it and finally did last night. Awesome movie—highly recommended—and thanks for reminding me of it, Robin G: It was exactly the thing I needed to see.

Why People Hate the Government

My teenage daughter will soon go on a class trip that involves a domestic flight. Among the many neuroses her father and I share is an aversion to flying, but we try not to allow our eccentricities to completely dominate our child’s life, which is some of the hardest work in parenting. However, our ignorance of the demands of modern air travel nearly put the kibosh on a trip for which we’d already paid $1,400 (non-refundable!).

We foolishly assumed minors accompanied by fellow students, teachers and chaperones on a school-sponsored class trip would be allowed to board a winged bus to a destination within the United States with only common forms of identification like a student ID card and birth certificate. Not so; now, even a child must have an official state ID card from the DMV to board a plane. (Because of 9/11? If so, that’s reason enough to take a scuba trip to the North Arabian Sea, find Osama bin Laden’s skull and fashion it into a poop-scoop.)

Anyhoo, we learned that to obtain an official state ID card, a kid must have a Social Security card or a specific printout from the Social Security Administration verifying her application for a Social Security card. The form containing the same information that is issued to new parents to enable them to deduct children from their taxes doesn’t count, or so I was told by the DMV.

To obtain the magical correct form, one must have many additional forms of ID, which may or may not be acceptable to the person at SSA who ultimately reviews it. County school district vaccination records are considered a kind of gold standard, though. I learned this after finally reaching a human being following multiple excursions into the SSA’s hellish, circular automated call menu, which is designed to automatically dump callers if too many other luckless supplicants are in queue, a situation that is apparently the case 90% of the time.

Thus it came to pass that the kid and I took a day off of school and work last week and visited the Three Circles of Bureaucratic Hell in a nearby city. First we sat in the overflow holding area at the county health department to secure the vaccination records, occupying a zone teeming with screaming toddlers, anxious children and nervous families applying for citizenship or refugee status. 

Then we languished in the waiting room at the local branch of the Social Security Administration with many crabby elderly folks, some of whom seemed to be practicing outraged speeches to unleash on the indifferent heads of bureaucrats seated behind numbered, Plexiglass-barred window openings in a vast, echoing hall that would make a great set for a MiniTruth scene from “1984.”

After emerging from that ordeal limp and exhausted by ennui, we made our way to the DMV for another crushing round of paper-shuffling and waiting. All told, it took around seven hours (not counting transportation), which was actually less than I thought it would. But it occurred to me that perhaps the experience of being gnashed in the gears of bureaucratic machinery is a more potent driver of people’s reflexive hatred of government than I’d realized.

I’m a confirmed fan of Big Government. I don’t enjoy paying taxes any more than I look forward to dental work, but I understand the necessity of both. The only thing that pisses me off about my tax rate is that Mitt Romney pays a lower percentage, and I’d gladly exchange a larger chunk of my income for a Scandinavian-style social safety net.

But I flatter myself and the Balloon Juice / Rumproast communities by believing that we’ve thought this through more than Honey Boo Boo’s core audience has. To them, the silly hoop-jumping requirements, appalling run-arounds and astoundingly inefficient service on display at the customer-facing outlets of local, state and federal agencies are The Government.  Which makes it easier to understand why assholes like Rand Paul get elected.

Maybe better customer service would help consign Reaganism to the political dung heap it so richly deserves? It’s a thought.

Please feel free to discuss movies, music, parenting, soulless bureaucracy or anything else. In other words, open thread.

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And you wonder why I never became a father.

That’s not a bug, that’s a feature.

All US Gov’t offices have been decimated by decades of “starve the beast”, so they are understaffed, under-equipped, and running ancient computer software. The powers-that-made-them-this-way are fully aware of this, and it’s part of the plan. As (surprisingly) P.J. O’Rourke once said, “Republicans are the party who says government doesn’t work, then they get elected and prove it.” It’s not an accident, or unintended consequences, it’s the whole point. Starve the beast make people hate the beast all the more. And they don’t want people that elected them to know that if we all paid ten bucks more a year in taxes to go toward fixing it, the SSA would run like clockwork.

If it weren’t for the political attitudes of the Millennials that are coming of age now, I’d abandon all hope.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Republican Party hates government & they do their best to underfund it so that it won’t run properly or even efficiently, so that people get the run-around as you so aptly described, thus growing more hatred of the government & ensuring more cannon fodder rubes for the Republican Party. The business faction of the party understands this & is indifferent, but has an adversarial relationship with government, unlike the helping hand relationship that the rest of us have, so they’re only too happy to pile on & gleefully add gasoline to the bonfire that is the disfunction.

My mom worked for 32 years at the SSA, and complained mightily in her last years there that now that the feds had gone to crap retirement plans, the quality of the employees had dropped.  Her argument was that sure, you worked for less but it was more thanmade up for by the better retirement plan she was under, and then the changes that occurred in the Reagan era made the retirement about as crappy as the pay. 

I’d like to also state that both my parents are wingnuts, and while my mom has always said there is ‘no way’ that SS will ever get reduced or killed for future retirees, she and Dad are sure doing their best to vote for only those politicians who will do exactly that.  She of course sees no ethical problem with her pension (or dad’s corporate one), but certainly thinks anyone younger than they are don’t deserve squat.  Funny how effective Faux News is when consumed on a daily basis.

Since we’re in Open Thread Country, I can share the great amount of satisfaction I am getting (thanks in part to BooMan) watching Erick the Red (RedState link) burst blood vessels at the treachery of Gov. Bible Bob, and watching Eric Fucking Cantor flounder in the seas of Tea Party crazy.

If my state and my country are going to suffer at the hands of these jagoffs, the silver lining is watching them twist.  OH, GARÇON, POPCORN, PLEASE!

Comment by Lowkey on 02/27/13 at 11:07 AM

I feels for ya, Betty. I took my son to get his temps. We took his birth certificate, Social Security card and his fucking passport. We stood in line behind everyone in SW Ohio, and then were told the ID info wasn’t enough. We needed a proof of residence.

He’s a college kid who lives at home and gets all of his mail via email. The driver’s bureau is half an hour from where we live and I didn’t have time to drive home, rifle the trash for an envelope with his name on it, and drive all the way back.

I had to drive around and find a bank branch where he has an account and ask the manager to print out a letter on bank letterhead that verified my son’s account and residence. Luckily the manager was glad to help and we returned and stood in line all over again.

Yeah, and the DMV wonders why they have such a crap reputation.

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