Really Dumb Marketing Idea (Open Thread)

Really, Living Social and Yacht StarShip?


I eagerly await the Donner Party-themed mountain trek and picnic, the Hindenburg zeppelin tour, etc.

(Please consider this an open thread.)

Posted by Betty Cracker on 03/28/12 at 01:53 PM • Permalink

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Cat shelter Ustream cam featuring one day old kittens with mom.  There are five kittens:

Comment by Bob Stanley on 03/28/12 at 02:03 PM

A three hour tour? A THREE HOUR TOUR??

This will not end well.

A three hour tour? A THREE HOUR TOUR??

This will not end well.

I’ll volunteer the entire GOP wing of the House to go. I’ll even pay for them. I see Louie Gomer(t) as Gilligan (then again, he’s perfect as Gomer but without the compassion).

Did that huge piece of the Antarctic Ice Shelf ever drop off? Any chance it’s anywhere in the vicinity?

Rats, I have to work Thursday, so no hanging around here or my other haunts.  See ya’ll on Friday.

quaker beat me to the punchline

quaker beat me to the punchline

The victory comes at a steep price. I haven’t been able to get the damned song out of my head all afternoon.

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