“Ream Me Up, Hottie!” Scott Brown Helps Pass Marxist Senate Jobs Bill, 70-28

In the wild build-up to yesterday’s Healthcare Summit, I completely missed Wednesday’s news of the Senate’s passage of a $15 billion package of employment incentives that had Teabaggers in a tizzy. (Bob Cesca notes that I probably wasn’t the only one, owing to yet another case of Democratic Message FAIL.)

13 Republicans joined Dems voting “Aye” on the measure, including MA Sen. Scott Brown, whose Monday vote to close debate on the legislation landed him in a swirling world of shit.

American Spectator spins Brown’s vote(s) as a canny political move, although other pundits aren’t quite so forgiving and Brown’s Facebook fans are still trying to work through a tsunami of cognitive dissonance.

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Who knew Scotty hair could turn Hottie McAwesome into an ugly person?

Amazingly, he looks pretty butch in a “Moe Howard” cut, but I’m saving that for later.

Bob Cesca makes some really good points.  I hope some Dems take that to heart.

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