Rep. Anthony Weiner: “Mosh Pit of Demagoguery”

“Mosh pit of demagoguery.” That phrase is a thing of beauty. Bravo, Mr. Weiner!

p.s. Yes, in this case, the “Nazi” comparison is totally apt.  Suck it, white-bread wingnuts.

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It is illegal to be in the Country illegally.

—Utah State Representative Stephen Sandstrom (R)

Brilliant. He must be Chairman for the Committee on Redundancy Committee.  Not ready for primetime.  Also.

“Your papers please”; a stock line from a Nazi soldier in every WWII movie. 

Notice that the other states thinking about this are full of white RW nutjobs (Utah, Idaho, Texas).  I live in Colorado, and the RW nutjob running for Governor says he’ll enact the exact same law; I guess he isn’t interested in our rather large hispanic voting bloc. 

And God, I LOVE Anthony Weiner!

It seems there is a simple solution to deal
with illegal immigrants.  Just charge everyone
who is already here $200,000 for a green card
and give them 20 years to pay.  It will be very
easy for any illegal to earn $10,000 a year once
he has a green card—and our deficit would
be reduced by 100 billion dollars a year
—assuming there are 10 million illegals.
We can’t really have a country with two classes
of residents—legals and illegals

      I am a registered democrat and
anthony weiner is my congressman

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