Reports of my death have been greatly optimistic from a financial-planning standpoint

pictured: a dumb hairy animal suffering from lameness and his dog

Funny story! Actually multiple intertwined funny stories, except for the one about Parker’s (second) torn ACL, which is only funny insofar as I spent last Sunday convinced he was playing an April Fool’s joke (“check out the look on his face when he sees me limping, he just finished paying off the interest on my last orthopedic surgery,” is what I imagined him saying to the cats). Those stories shall be told once I can type sans agony* again, but I wanted to check in so’s to let everyone know I’m not gone for good. Wouldn’t want the haters to get their hopes up only to have them cruelly dashed (just go with me here—the only thing that bothers me more than the word “haters” is the near-certainty that I don’t merit any).

Okay, back to hammering out these his-and-smaller-his breastplates, ‘cause the arrows of outrageous fortune can’t be far behind.

*no, I mean once I can type without causing myself agony, my writing style hasn’t changed any

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Eep. Any diagnosis on the arm, gil?

Poor old Parker. That dog’s face could melt a heart at 3,000 miles.

P.S. Is that a Wu-Tang Clan hoodie?

So you’re pretty much going to go with typing in comic sans agony?

Awwww, Parker is too, too cute for words.  And looking forward to hearing the funny story once you’re able to type again!

Oh, no! Best wishes to both of you and your various structures and connective tissues.

Do you ever put an Ewok hoodie on Parker?  Hope you mend soon.

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