Republican Party Officially No Longer Racist!

An African-American, Michael Steele, has captured the highest possible office the Republican Party allows minorities to hold: Party Chairman.

Steele barely edged out Katon Dawson, a segregationist from South Carolina.

GOP shall overcome!

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Alan Keyes must be pissed

Alan Keyes is always pissed at something it seems. He should have run. It would have been fun to watch.

Ken Blackwell also ran, and I endorsed him here: _blackwell_for_rnc_chairman/

Here’s to Michael Steele bringing the same kind of electoral mojo to the RNC that he showed us in MD!


While speaking to the Baltimore Jewish Council, Michael Steele compared doctors conducting
stem cell research to Nazis performing human experiments during the Holocaust: “You of all
folks know what happens when people decide to experiment on human beings, when they want to
take your life and use it as a tool.” [Associated Press, 2/10/0

Here’s to Michael Steele bringing the same kind of electoral mojo to the RNC that he showed us in MD!

Huzzah! Start printing those sample ballots that show Republican candidates as Democrats! Round up the homeless minorities and ship them to polls in other states!

Seriously, I’m not surprised he got the nod and I must admit he’s the best of a dubious bunch of creeps. I mean, he’s a Maryland Republican. But now that he’s the GOP’s official black friend I look forward to the pouting and whining when the brown people neglect to beat a path to their door and a few white people split muttering darkly about ... you know. They’ll never figure out why people are focused on the first African-American president and refuse to forget that the GOP did everything they could to keep that from happening.

Anyway, Steele won’t be the first or even the 101st African-American to pull a bunch of bewildered idiots out of a burning wreck. People who do that are called firemen.

“The new party chairman is a N——-!”

“What’d he say?”

“He says the new party chairman is near!”

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