Republican Road to Recovery ... FIXED

This is all wrong ... FIXED:

Republican Road to Recovery

UPDATE: Of course, Fark was all over this. [hat tip Pumalicious!]

Posted by Kevin K. on 03/27/09 at 10:39 AM • Permalink

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There was an incredibly awesome thread about this on last night.

Nate Silver also pegged it.

Thoze cwazy Republicans! Their serious attempts to be relevant are too funny to mock. Well, almost.

I’m still stunned as to how disorganized they are. Say what you want about Newt (and I have), but he ran a pretty well-disciplined ship when he was at the helm. They couldn’t be any more rudderless than they currently are.

Omigod, John Boehner was on teevee last night waiving that thing around and pretending like it actually said anything and making a complete ass of himself.  I almost forgot until I saw this - I think I was repressing it.  I mean, I was actually embarrassed for them.

LOL. Rudi 911iani is on line one, shouting about copyright infringement.

Republicans are operating on the idea that since everyone loves clowns, if they act like big enough clowns, everyone will love them.

Of course, most sane people fear and loathe clowns, but don’t tell them.

Speaking of Road to Recovery, The PUMAS officially announced their road to recovery today with this,

Mimi is our first official Puma candidate for office. Click on her campaign sign above to visit her official website. As a candidate she is focused, determined, positive, and smart. I like it! She makes me wish I lived in Miami so I could vote for her. The people of District 10 will have a responsive, responsible, and big-hearted representative in Mimi.

She’s going to need our help — with phone calls, letters to the editor, and fundraising. Bookmark her website so we can all stay updated on the campaign.

I smell a steaming pile of win brewing!

Speaking of steaming piles of win, here’s a tidbit from Greg Sargent at WhoRunsGov:

Joe the Plumber is hitting the campaign trail again! He’s been pressed into service to do a series of events throughout Pennsylvania rallying opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act, the organizer of the events confirms.

Mr. Plumber will speak at rallies against the measure in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia on March 30th and 31st, according to a spokesperson for the anti-EFCA group Americans for Prosperity.

“The public loves Joe the Plumber,” the spokesperson, Mary Ellen Burke, claimed to me. “They see him as a role model.”

Asked whether Joe the Plumber had any particular knowledge or expertise about EFCA that might explain the decision to enlist him, Burke said that he was being enlisted to provide a “grassroots perspective” and “the working perspective” on the measure.

Pressed on whether Joe the Plumber has any particular claim to being a spokesperson on the issue, Burke replied that “he represents the American worker.”

Burke couldn’t immediately say whether Joe the Plumber was being paid for his appearances.

Employers, I recommend you go ahead and start revising your personnel policies to comply with EFCA.

What we’re witnessing is a dying breed.  As I’ve said before they have never really had ideas…no creativity, they don’t invent anything.  They should file republicanism under dying languages somewhere between Gullah (Geechee) and Finnish (suomi).  It should speak volumes that their only real “idea man” (Newt)is rehashing crap from his years before…

And Kevin, they aren’t rudderless, they’re engineless…or some would say out of gas.  So it’s like a boat full off navigators without any fuel fighting over the steering wheel.  Between this and Cantor hyping his term paper only to go in front of class without his homework.  This scares me.

These scoundrels will turn to the Glenn Beck’s, and militia’s of the world.

Any time the GOP gets away from their standard “Terrorists, Faggots, and Immigrants, oh my!” talking points, they fall apart spectacularly.

That is my favorite graph of all time, because it WORKS.

I spent like 15 minutes reading the entire Republican budget last night, and yes, that graph pretty much does it justice.


That thread was incredible. I had to make a post out of it. If you don’t want to hack through to see the graphs people made, than here:

And Kevin’s is still the best.

Funny post, Shorts!  And John Cole had a great take on the Pubs Bitchslapgate too:

So when GOP operatives are running around telling the Politico “We need to hold something up and say, ‘Here are our charts. Here are our graphs. It’s real,” the reason they ‘need’ to just throw out something, anything, is because they know they got bitch-slapped. And rather than just lay low and wait a week and come out with an actual budget, they couldn’t, because they are operating at a level of emotional maturity equal to a 12 year old.

And that is why they went out and made fools of themselves today, even when they don’t even agree internally on the budget they claim to be putting together.

And from Politico:

Cantor and Ryan were reportedly “embarrassed” by the document—believing it was better to absorb a week of hits from Democrats than to be slammed for failing to produce a thoughtful and detailed alternative.

The goal, aides say, was to make Obama’s team eat their words by producing a “killer” alternative with far less spending and greater tax cuts.

And now who’s eating what?  They got solidly bitch-slapped by Obama and everyone’s rolling around laughing their asses off at them.  Great ending to the week all in all.

Change “cut everyone’s taxes” to “cut millionaires’ taxes” and I think you end up with a more accurate reflection of GOP economic theory.

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