Republicans Defund SNAP.  Next Up:  Work Houses


Wow, the Republicans really went there.  In a 216-208 vote the House approved the Farm Bill.  With no food stamps support.  Yes, the Rethugs stripped out the funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

The Dems didn’t make it easy for them - by all accounts it was an acrimonious fight.  And there’s hope that the conference committee will restore the funding. But at the end of this day the Republicans had more votes.  But there’s really no difference between the two parties, amirite?

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You know what the Republicans always say: Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day—teach a man to fish when he possesses neither rod and reel nor access to water with fish in it, and he’ll starve, but OH! the look on his face!

I care for Republicans less and less. I really do.

Just think of all those sweet little children that are about to be liberated from their appalling dependency on food . . . just keep moving toward the light, little moochers. 

Study your Bible, get an after-school job and if you pass your urine test there just might be some yummy leftovers from the National Prayer Breakfast in it for you.

Hopefully Senate Republicans remember how much agribiz gets out of the program. The House is really suicidal.

Man, I pray for the day the Democrats take back the house and I fantasize about the day an imaginary Democratic House defunds the farm bill and fully funds SNAP.

Meanwhile, the slack-jawed yokels will continue to vote Republican as long as the black and brown people suffer more than them.

I keep saying that anyone going into office REALLY should spend 6 months to a year on AFDC and SNAP with no other income source to really understand what they’re doing to these families. And the last I heard, the majority of them are white, but that may have changed in recent years.

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