Respect the Robot

I was going to do the robot at Roastacon, but after seeing this I’m going to take a pass. You’ll all have to settle for my Mick Jagger. (p.s. a preemptive apology for the judge in the middle.)

Posted by Kevin K. on 05/29/09 at 08:20 AM • Permalink

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He was in last year’s SYTYCD competition and he totally blew everyone away. I couldn’t believe how amazing he was. But even though he easily got a ticket to the next round, he walked away from the competition. The contestants are required to learn other styles of dance and he said he wasn’t willing to do that.

I haven’t seen anything about him since, but I wonder if by having that exposure he got picked up by another interested party who would give him a venue for his work. He’s just brilliant.

That’s pretty cool.

And yeah, that middle judge makes me long for the poise and restraint of Paula Abdul.

I haven’t seen anything about him since

I saw him featured in an IKEA commercial:

My favorite from a few seasons ago, Phillip Chbeeb is back this year and I hope he makes it onto the show.

OMG I do that every morning. :D

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