Rest in Peace, Donna Summer

Fucking cancer fucking sucks. That’s all I have to say about that.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 05/17/12 at 11:32 AM • Permalink

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Did you hear it On the Radio, Betty?

So sad. It’s like leaving a cake out in the rain, when it took so long to bake it.

Donna Summer will always be Hot Stuff to me.

Comment by J. on 05/17/12 at 12:16 PM

I loved her even when disco became a joke. The woman had a voice.

And yes, cancer sucks.

Man, MCA, Chuck Brown, and now Donna.

I hope that’s the three.  I can’t take many more of these.  Fucking cancer.

Sad to hear she’s gone. Disco is part of the soundtrack of my life; I was in high school and college during those years and her songs were always among my favorites.

Beautiful, beautiful woman, rest in peace.

I play Donna Summer music every week.  It makes cleaning the house worth much more fun.  R.I.P.

And we just lost Duck Dunn too.  A bad month for music.

She was a class act, and a gorgeous, multi-talented performer.  “I Feel Love” was way ahead of its time.

chuck brown from d.c. died, too.

Yes, cancer does indeed suck. And Duck Dunn as well? Really?

Duck died on tour in Tokyo.  I was shocked that there was no post about him either here or at any of the other politics/music blogs I read.

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