Rick Barber Has a New Campaign Ad & It Has a Hidden Bonus Track!!!!

If you thought his last one was weird ... wow.

Steve M. has more...

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That opening spittle-flecked preemptive strike against Whiskey Rebellion enthusiasts is confidence inspiring, isn’t it? As is the coda where it’s obvious that 1. wingnuts frequently are too crazy even for each other, and 2. bewigged paranoia and images and nazism and gathering armies and all? Har har! Teabagging nutcases are fun guys!

I wonder what Abe had to say about armed insurrection?

Dale Peterson sighting @ the :48 second mark…

I thought the choppy editing looked familiar.  What is this, some kind of wingnut commercial mill?

Rick Barber wants to give every corporate tyrant the freedom to rape us in the ass even harder than they already have.  These idiots want to live in a word of fiefdoms where everyone is indentured to a corporate master.

I think I’m going to run for office and put together videos where I talk to French revolutionaries about breaking out the guillotines.

The singer is this dude, who wowed a Tea Party gathering by singing the usually-never-heard third and fourth verses of The Star Spangled Banner. He’s even wearing the same shirt, which I guess is iconic now, since this was all over the Wingernet. It was a Big Fucking Deal back on June 6th.

Obviously, Barber is trying to burnish his TP cred by packing his videos with high-profile guest stars, sort of like when the Justice Society of America showed up for two episodes of Smallville.

And what a cheap bastard he is. These spots have great production values, but only one President gets to speak in each of them, and Lincoln’s line is an obvious studio layback. I guess Barber hates unions so much he won’t even spring for an AFTRA fee.

Nuttier than a squirrel turd, he is.

I half suspect that this guy doesn’t really care about winning and just wants to have fun chatting with dead people and playing with his Teabagger friends.

Not that that excuses comparing taxation to state-sponsored slavery and the Final Solution, mind you.

@jeffinfremont: Neo-feudalism informs many strains of libertarian thought, but I’m not sure that that applies to the Teabaggers. Remember, they hate corporations too, it’s just that somehow most of that hatred gets displaced onto the government. The Tea Parties are more like a blend of racial mistrust, anti-intellectualism, class-based bigotry and good old fashion ignorance. The same things that made the GOP what it is today, but without any of the gatekeepers so the crazy comes gushing out.

Wow, who knew?  Barber is advocating raising taxes on whiskey to pay for Iraq and Afghanistan.

What a great idea!  Well, maybe not so much the whiskey part ...

Even this nutbag thinks Beck is crazy. Somewhere, Cheyefsky is laughing.

Rick Barber’s got the kind of angry that screams “I was molested by my Jesus camp counselor.”

Rick Barber’s got the kind of angry that screams “I was molested by my Jesus camp counselor.”

To be fair, the other kids tried to warn him, but he thought they meant the counselor just really loved walking.

I don’t like this Barber guy.  It’s not his message, although that’s just staccato nonsense, it’s him.  He’s creepy.  I bet people avoid him at social gatherings.

I bet people avoid him at social gatherings.

You’re assuming he’s invited to them?

He’s creepy.

There is a fellow with whom I used to work, a photo/journo with some talent. He is a “nice” guy but lemme tell ya folks, when both men and women speaking about this individual with each other for the first time both burst out with the words “he’s fucking creepy” you know you are a creep. It takes a creepy motherfucker with some serious creepies to creep out even the manly-men and the women he asks out on dates on a regular basis.

Never before has gender equity seen the complete agreement of both sexes regarding creepy-dude-at-work-guy-who-even-creeps-out-the-guys.

Is this what you mean by creepy?

@Allan—That’s exactly what I mean by creepy.

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