Rick Perry, Tool of the Zionist Puppet-Masters

Not only did he circle-dance with bearded hat-men, but he even lit their candle-thingy to summon Satan.

Too bad for them that Perry’s God has a kooky agenda of His own.

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Not only did he circle-dance with bearded hat-men

I thought the video was going to be ZZ Top.

It’s also worth noting how close, culturally, Orthodox Jews are to devout Muslims: No women allowed, beards and black clothing and heavy emphasis on formalistic ritual. In some ways it’s really one culture divided barely by religion since Islam derives its inspiration much more from Judaism than from Christianity.  The major difference was that Muslims decided, like Christianity, to be a world religion and not an ethnic religion.

Yup. I’ve been told the pork prohibition was an attempt to attract Jewish converts to Islam.

Furthermore, he’s probably paying taxes like those Jews and janitors.

Short-form is definitely not your medium, Amherst.

Perry’s got no rhythm either; how hard is to clap along in time with other people who are right the hell in front of you?  Oh that’s why; he’s uncomfortable seein’ as these are fundies, but not Xtian fundies. 

Don’t worry, he’s just stringing them along so they can do their part to make Jeebus come back, after which he can makes faces at them as they do the St. Vitus dance in the Lake O’ Fire.  Like Gawd intended all along.

On a serious note, yes Jim T.; excellent observation.  My husband is Jewish (non-observant, highly critical of ALL organized religion).  He’s made your same point several times. 

We were discussing the upcoming Jewish holiday, and like the forgetful schicksa (blonde and everything) that I am I always have to ask which one it is and what’s it all about.  It involves one day of fasting sunrise to sundown, which he did once when he was an oilfield geologist in the 1980’s and bored out of his mind.  We then compared that to the recently completed month of Ramadan, with a whole lunar month of sunrise to sundown fasting; we decided it was a case of the newly-created Islam deciding they could outdo the Jews on that “fasting to be holy” thing way back when. 

You don’t have to do much digging to find many similar rituals amongst the Abrahamic religions, which in the grand overview of things makes the inter-religious conflicts seem as intelligent and mature as a 4th grade smack-talk session over who gets first shot at the monkey bars.

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