RIP Cliff Robertson

Just damn, yet again.

This isn’t the clip most people would choose for a tribute, but there’s an eight-year-old part of me that will never forget his performance in the very first episode of The Outer Limits.

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RIP Cliff, one of my all time fav actors, and was just magnificent in Charly as well as any number of roles throughout a great career. And was in my favorite spy movie of all time Three Days of the Condor.

The Big Kahuna!  What a handsome man.  RIP, Cliff.

Here’s the first thing I thought of when I heard of his passing, one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes.

Comment by JasonM on 09/10/11 at 11:31 PM

That’s a shame.  RIP Cliff.  I also think his performance as Charly was amazing and that movie has always stuck with me because of it.  Never seen that Outer Limits clip.  Thanks for posting it.

Some of my mom’s movie star heartthrobs seemed pretty hot to me, too. Clint Walker and Cliff Robertson were two of her faves. I think Clint Walker is still around.

Love(d) it.


He was my idea of a real man. Kind, gentle, decent, intelligent, with not a racist or bigoted thought.

Or at least that’s how I perceived his life through his career and appearances.

I read “Flowers for Algernon” after being swept away (at 12 or so) by “Charly.” I cried and cried and begged everyone to take me back.

And I really loved him in P/T 109 (no matter what the critics said).

It makes me feel worse about the state of the world to know he’s gone.

Peace to you, Cliff.

You brought so much to me.


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